British Army Bayonet Training

This is British Army bayonet training in an infantry training base in Catterick. This clip was features on a BBC3 documentary called ‘Young Soldiers’ all rights go …

30 thoughts on “British Army Bayonet Training

  1. Lewis b says:

    The documentary doesn't show them being beasted around their block for about a hour and then being made to crawl in the mud on the way to the bayonet training area

  2. NOVA says:

    When shooting one does not expect to fire one bullet at the enemy and then to simply proceed to the next target, you keep firing until the target is down. I notice that in bayonet training they seem to do just that, stab the target once and move on. A bayonet wound is likely less severe than a rifle wound so it is likely that the enemy will not go down after one blow. Are they trained to repeatedly stab an enemy until they're dead?

  3. Tiber Septim says:

    The 1000's – the medieval British man-at-arms dominated the battlefield as amazing infantry units. 

     The 1400's – The a civil war broke out in Great Britain between the Welsh and the English, both sides having such amazing infantry it was often toe to toe. 

     The 1700's – the British Army, armed with long high carbon steel bayonets would control their volleys against the Americans. 

     The 2000's – The British Army uses fear, speed, and a 420 stainless steel bayonet to fight against the enemy. 

     I'm Welsh-American, and I just want to point out that infantry warfare was practically molded by British strategy.

  4. Protherium says:

    The more officers and drill instructors scream at soldiers and the more they humiliate recruits, the shittier their force is going to be in a real fight.
    How we know?
    German and Russian armies never practised that "Full Metal Jacket" drill bullshit, I know that from several individuals who served in German and Soviet militaries – yet Germany and Russia brought up the finest militaries of the 20th century!! I honestly think humiliating practise on soldiers does indicate ineffciency.

  5. William Rance says:

    Does all this keyboard 'sniping' really matter? As a Brit, and having travelled down life's highway for over 7 decades, I have learned some painful lessons. One, is, don't take onboard someone else's word unless it is proven fact! Never assume that you are better than anyone else, and, if you are going to cheat – then, cheat fairly! Finally, never take on anyone who has a Degree in BS, he's bound to blow you out of the water on any argument – that is, of course, you possess a Phd in the subject, then, that perhaps, would be a fact and not an assumption and you sure as hell would have the right stuff to blow the other guy out of the water instead! Mm! Bye for now fellas' Bill.

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