Bring a Knife To Gun Fight!! 6 Things EVERYONE Should Know About Filipino Martial Arts

31 thoughts on “Bring a Knife To Gun Fight!! 6 Things EVERYONE Should Know About Filipino Martial Arts

  1. Aaron Jimenez says:

    Nowadays, not only kali but also aikido gets a lot of criticism from bashers saying that these self-defense techniques are not realistic etc. etc. Point is, if you see it being demonstrated, you sure know how to block it but if you're facing an opponent you don't know what move he or she is gonna make then things get interesting. I like to put to the test these fucking bashers, see if they can really beat the hell out of martial artists and styles they ridicule.

  2. Mario Maldonado says:

    While my Serrada training was great what i got from the FMA is a understanding. I said it before and ill say it again. I wonder what the old masters would think of the so called new Guro's , Masters , experts etc…

  3. Monroe Kelly says:

    Jared is good but I find many of his comments suspect. And as a former Army spec ops soldier I can't see how he feels he is a military spec ops trainer. Nor have I found among my network anyone who's ever trained under him. I feel his bloviating is for marketing. But it's OK because that's the way of the world these days with most commercial tactical trainers and entities. And if you bring a knife only to a gun fight you will die. All the combatives in the world can make up for stupidity.

  4. Dee-Bee Kooper says:

    I love his comments about movement (Jared is awesome, I love seeing him all over the place cause he's good people and deserves the credit for what he knows and does). I grew up taking Judo and Taekwando and I was also a very high-level soccer-player for over 2 decades and movement/controlling direction is HUGE in more things then just fighting or sports. I'm also not a very big guy at only 5'10/185-190# (now, playing soccer I was maybe 150-155#) and learning how to let other people "kick their own asses" and use their bodies to defeat them be it in a physical altercation or on the field is something I've never forgotten and still use to this day.

  5. cemented says:

    I hope that the next time you police state thugs who use our tax money to fit yourselves out to the teeth bust someone for smoking marijuana they put the roach out in your eye. One eyed jerk

  6. Antonio Alvares says:

    a knive is more dangerous. a gun men can shoot just in one way. a knive is not easy to stop. if you have luck and the guy needs to pick his guns firat you can bear him. a knive is a complete different situation. and a knive destroys more in your body

  7. Shinobi HOG says:

    I've formed the opinion that we should take a sort of holistic approach to our training. Part of this is kit set up. Your EDC should integrate in with your rifle full battle rattle so you can escalate capabilities as needed. Same with the skills we learn. Good training in hand to hand is key because it enables you to get to your tools. Kind of like the saying "your pistol is there so you can fight your way to your rifle". IMHO BJJ mixed with Kali or maui thai is a great combination for a well rounded fighter. Integrate knives with your EDC but don't be afraid to have another on your rifle kit. If you do all this you can be lethal anywhere from arm's length all the way out to the distance your rifle can reach and everywhere in between…..

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