Bram Frank: Advanced Knife-Fighting Techniques

A disciple of the late Remy Presas, Bram Frank has trained in numerous Philippine fighting arts and designed blades for …

22 thoughts on “Bram Frank: Advanced Knife-Fighting Techniques

  1. steve Fowler says:

    I had pretty extensive hand to hand combat and blade training when I was in The Corps before my battalion deployed to Iraq back in 2004 (3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, attached to 31st MEU, Regimental Combat Team I, mostly in anbar province)…while I do see some similarities re: right hand vs left hand knife basics, our training was much more offensive, our instructors wanted any knife fight to end quickly within just 1 to 4 block moves followed by a disabling or kill move.

  2. Jeenius IAMa says:

    this really looks like this guy wanted to come up with a system based on knives and just came up with something he planned on paper… doesnt look like he has any exp with knife defensive stuff

  3. Jonathan Neece says:

    Its not so much being immortal and being the Billy badass bro lol. Your rt if your getting ina knife fight chances are your gna get hurt..but its knowing which cuts your can take by what you leave open …its defiantly a muscle memory art..taking the cut on the out side of your arm instead of the inside will make a survival situation increase in your odds..ect.ect.. first rule of the fight..walk away lol..but sometimes you cant knowledge and practice is always a plus..

  4. jason200912 says:

    i like how this instructor doesn't make his students stand still and get stabbed relentlessly.  That and I'd like to put my knife into Saundra's sheath if you know what I mean ~.^

  5. Joe Cannaday says:

    This doesn't work. If anyone has been in a real knife fight And is still alive, please let me know.
    This crap was tought to build confidence for the warriors. Think about it, if you told someone you're going to die in battle today you'll be extremely anxious and crack under the pressure.  If you choose to believe this, fine, but to the ones like me: in a knife fight you're going to get fucked up really bad or die.

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