Boxing in knife fighting. What works. A.C.T.



Lots of footwork and body movement are similar. Counter striking is indeed a must. Hit him first and get out. Defense is paramount.

8 thoughts on “Boxing in knife fighting. What works. A.C.T.

  1. marquis ballard says:

    Boxing + Knife-Fighting is very very deadly and effective. The footwork and body maneuverability of Boxing would definitely be useful in a knife situation. But still nobody would walk away clean in a knife fight, someone's gonna get punctured

  2. ACTdirector says:

    Indeed, boxing footwork and body movement is a great tool in knife fighting. Pivot step in particular seems to be of extreme use. And your analyses is spot on , the "exchange" was clearly in favor of the left fighter. It is almost impossible to get away clean in knife combat, so that was actually a solid "win". Survival , you called it.

  3. Primal Punch says:

    I am a huge supporter, and long-time user, of boxing combined with the knife. I think, in thios instance, the slip and "long hook" was the easiest option to take because the man on the left had momentum in that direction. In real knife-figths, a slight turn can be the difference between losing skin, and punctured abdominal wall or severed arteries. The arm-wound would most likely have been superficial. Survival is key, and both parties get cut in a knife-fight, no one gets away clean.

  4. Noah Gross says:

    Thanks for the praise and tactical analysis.
    In this case I was there and the guy did not get hit in the hand it was merely a graze with the flat of the blade and a clean getaway.
    Sometimes double hits occur, and then you prefer to be the one stabbing the other guy in the eye.

  5. KamiSapmelash says:

    The principal and execution is spot on but he did actually get stabbed in the underside of the upper arm though, with a live blade that would have driven the blade into his muscle and pretty much ruined his day as well.
    Sure, he'd have won no doubt about it but without a good field medic there's a good chance he'd have bleed to death himself in a short while and he would have dropped the blade and been forced to use his left hand for any other hostiles.

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