Box Cutter & Utility Knife Safety Training Video



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11 thoughts on “Box Cutter & Utility Knife Safety Training Video

  1. Kiba Snowpaw says:

    i have cut myself bad with a box cutter for not paying attention and because i had my hand behind the boxcutter, so when it slips and i cut myself. i have been working with a boxcutter more or less every day for the past 4 years for about idk 4-5 hours out of 8 a day, and i only cut myself like 4 times nothing as bad as this, but i deal with it fast, so no real damage was done from what i know of. The funny part is we just got new box cutters that should be more save and i only had it for what 18 days when that happens so it was not really more save in fact i like the old one better even if it was not as save then you had a smaller blade not much but still shorter.

  2. SafetyTrainingVideos says:

    This attention-grabbing program begins with a series of accidents caused by the unsafe use of utility knives.  The mishaps are then carefully examined to reveal the underlying causes, as well as the precautionary steps, that would prevent similar incidents.

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