Bowie Knife Restoration

This “Original Bowie Knife” was my father’s. It’s been on the to do list for a long time. My father passed many years ago when I was a teenager and I have very …

42 thoughts on “Bowie Knife Restoration

  1. Jeff says:

    simply incredible. i have my grandfathers that i was told was issued to him in ww2. Its very similar but has some sort of pin that was driven through the tang to hold the top on. i have the original sheath also. thanks for the wonderful vid

  2. cool Hawk says:

    Could you imagine getting your hands all hot and sweaty and then holding onto the beeswax handle of this blade! Awesome work but I don’t know about the beeswax preservation.

  3. Karl Micheal Kimbrel says:

    Very, very nicely done! Great job, also, on the sheath that you made/created for it. The finished blade, actually, kind of looks like there was some hand engraving done (I know that is not the case) into the blade where the rust before it was redone and had pitted somewhat. I enjoy watching your work and sure hope you continue to create them for those like me to view!! 🙂

  4. Lucas burthort says:

    I gotta say I love that you left the patina alone on the body of the knife while polishing the bevels. It looks fantastic and this has inspired to me get some knives to work on from my local antique shop

  5. Stefan Novak says:

    Discovered and binge watched your channel today, thank you for these amazing videos, they’re so satisfying to watch. Even inspired me to clean my keyboard! Keep it up looking forward to more

  6. robertlefou says:

    very nice!
    this is what the world needs, people who are able to craft/restore/create real value, not this virtual bubbles of internet/media/finance market without any equivalent..
    youth nowadays cant even start a campfire without google..

    all the best and greetings from germany!

  7. Stephen Hughes says:

    I don't restore knives but I wish I did – loved watching your video, which looks so interesting – people don't know how much work that does into hand making things – you can buy any thing off the shelves in John Lewis, but you can't buy 'handmade' quality

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