10 thoughts on “Bowie Knife Isolation drills

  1. tampasifu1 says:

    I've got a DVD with Pete Kautz of Alliance Martial Arts. He has uncovered some manuals which he says were available in the 1800's for both the military and civilians. The techniques, he said, were generally based on sabre fencing.

  2. TedOfNod says:

    @ 0:05 "Now remember kids, when doing tai chi with a bowie knife, it's important to put your non-dominant hand in your pocket BUT don't forget to keep your pinky OUTSIDE. It's all about technique."

  3. Lukos0036 says:

    @bcannata I could see Messer combat translating well to Bowie knives. I would like to see how well the blade pattern transitions into a short sword. Say, a 20" bowie or so.

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