Bowie Knife Fighting

M.A.C.K. Bowie Knife fighting! An afternoon of training near the Savannah river and Canal. This is some of the Bowie knife training we did.

10 thoughts on “Bowie Knife Fighting

  1. metallicarebellion says:

    I tell you what other guy, when I sell my leg and you try to break it. I take advantage of your loss of balance, put you on your butt and at worse I walk with a limp while your dead. Exerpts from an Infantry combat vet, and I'm not talking about douche call of duty games. Goodnight kids, be polite and constructive or don't comment at all especially when you don't know what you're talking about

  2. metallicarebellion says:

    Yeah, instant kill is great….I carry a gun, however this isn't a video game. Saying you want an instant kill and succeeding are different things. Besides folks, real world=no reset button. These guys are damn good, hence no "instant kill" (people who are shot still don't drop from an instant kill unless you're lucky Judge Dredd). These guys know their business and are good.

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