1. opgg says:

    should not you just aim for his fingers and vaynes as he attacks you? chop some fingers down and he cant hold the knife anymore. not talking about bleeding. in a knife fight remove these and make deep cuts whats the point in closing in so much. too much risk people. if someone charges or tries to cut, counter that with a blade over the fingers that's all you need

  2. ANXIETOR says:

    So while you're going for his head, he sinks his knife hilt deep in your chest. Maybe instead you could just step back and throw an armload of your beltloop junk at him as a distraction.

  3. yang jackson says:

    Nice tips! Why don't you use a back-cut at all? It's what the Bowie is known for and is extremely effective. Instead of turning the blade during the secondary distal cut, I would simply back-cut and open him up with my primary edge. I'm an advocate of K.I.S.S…keep it simple, stupid;). Seriously though, the total lack of back-cuts while demonstrating Bowie knife technique needed to be addressed.

  4. lancer D says:

    I'm no knife fighting expert but even I can see this is ridiculous. There is a concept called tempo. Basically, it means that in the time it takes me to perform an action, my opponent can also perform an action. Any technique that requires you to be fast enough to get in a feint and three cuts in the time it takes your opponent to perform one single cut just isn't going to work with a non-compliant combatant. You just have to compare the speed of the instructor making these cuts to the slow motion of his assistant to show the relative speed required and how absurdly fast you'd need to be. 

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