Bowie Knife Feints



Mark Hatmaker discusses Bowie Knife feints. Details and drills at

4 thoughts on “Bowie Knife Feints

  1. Dmitrii Komarov says:

    This is an excellent instructional video. If you could make an additional video on the angles of attack with a Bowie knife, it would provide good context for the feinting instructional. The footwork and body movement employed in empty-hand combat and wrestling is almost the same (as I perceive it) as what you would employ with a blade, but a "tricky" angle of attack can potentially overcome the most common parries. Blade is different from an empty hand, it is missing a degree of freedom – it could be likened to articulation of index finger vs regular movement of the wrist. I do not assume that my understanding of close quarters combat is on the par with you – I suspect that it will be inferior. I would appreciate if you could elaborate on finer point of attacking with a Bowie knife.

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