Bowie Knife (Camillus Blade)

A beautiful big Bowie Style knife is always a handy item around the farm! The knifemaker is not a big time knifemaker and just has a few of these Bowie knives …

48 thoughts on “Bowie Knife (Camillus Blade)

  1. 2151abell says:

    I live 20 miles from the village of Camillus were this knife was made… The company was HUGE in its day… sadly, another victom of today's fading " MADE IN THE USA " way of life… Their gone now.. so sad…

  2. punishedexistence says:

    I got a nice one I made out of an old, big file, darn fine blade it is. Comes in handy for everything from chopping kindling for the fire to doing heavy kitchen work.  My favorite piece.  I wish I could afford more than a pellet gun, but for now I'll have to do with the blades.  Nice video as always Hickok.

  3. rainmechanic says:

    Yo Hickok.. If you would like to know a little more about this Bowie you bought i can help…. The First OVB Bowie came out in 2002 and was designed by Jerry Fisk…Mr Fisk also designed the 2003 Southwest OVB bowie…. In 2004 Camillus colaborated with knifemaker and cutting competition champion Jim Crowell.. Heavy 10" Blade and 15" overall….. Camillus went under before all the Crowell Bowies were completed and the Blades were sold at the bankruptcy auction…You and i have the Crowell Bowies

  4. TotallyL337 says:

    I am "urbanized & citified" and I use my spyderco at least 5 times a day. We have something that rural Tennesseans don't see very often: MAIL. Yes, sometimes it requires a pocket knife to open – which are allowed by law in Chicago, at least. You should try visiting if you're not too scared to leave your piece at home! They aren't legal on your person yet.

  5. ShawDAMAN says:

    @hickok45 That is a beautiful knife! Thanks.

    michelthegreatables question is understandable although I find it odd that he would seem surprised someone would own 15-20 acres, in parts of the country that is not at all unusual. It's great, I hope to own a real piece of land some time.

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