bouncers fight and bash people

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27 thoughts on “bouncers fight and bash people

  1. H G says:

    The question is what kind of strange club that is, where such people are allowed in. I have been in a lot of clubs, but never have seen such people

  2. Sey ley says:

    Who needs UFC, just go to your local nightclub, buy a Doner Kebab on the way, setup your garden chair and watch the pending fights, add your Ring announcer commentary……………NOW the event you having been waiting for around the world, itssssssssssssssssssssssssss TIME. 1 round, 17 pushes and a knockout will decide the winner, LETS GET ready to RUMBLE!

  3. fuedlibumser says:

    First they take your money off and then they beat you up and throw you out! If you sell alcohol to drunkards, you should not be surprised that they behave like that. A good bouncer does not need to use force, and then as the last resort.

  4. Randall Sage says:

    Well, I have to ask. What's inside this bar….. that's so special ? Music, hard liquor, stage shows, beer….. but, why would you drink, to the point, where you get thrown out ?

  5. Lama Foe says:

    So over 9k people disliked this video. Clearly the scumbags that think they’re hot shit when they are drunk. These guys are just doing their jobs. They could have done a lot worse to these drunk guys. Put yourself in the bouncers position. You won’t have the same restraint.

  6. Ed Gonz says:

    What kind of drugs these kids are taking? I don't know but, I don't get wasted til the last drop of hope of meeting a lady has vanished. Well I guess, they lost hope.

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