Bouncer & Doorman Defensive Tactics: Part III

Part III covers the following tops: 1. Arrest & Control 2. Multiple Hostiles 3. Knife Defense as presented by Jim Wagner, the founder of the Reality-Based Personal …

10 thoughts on “Bouncer & Doorman Defensive Tactics: Part III

  1. outofthebox7 says:

    As you know there are special vests that cannot be penetrated by knives, that is, if someone is so afraid that he will be attacked by an experienced knife murderer. Someone can just buy one to have that edge.

  2. TaoistTiger says:

    that knife stuff is a bitch, just keep your eyes on their hands and try to know the silhouettes of what could be in their pocket, maintain space, but shit. a good sturdy switch can be used effectively for knife defense also and it's not usually dangerous enough to be a "weapon" so if they guy trys to go to the cops they will laugh at him. also the switch is effective for helping search bags so your hand doesnt have to be in some shit bag that could have needles floating around in it…

  3. Kosan GM says:

    I have a question Jim:
    In your course of Knife Attacks recomend taking the opponent's wrist with both hands and stick to your body, so try after a takedown or hit. And in this video you comment that is not good. I understand the two positions. I want you to tell me if I understood. Did the second way is only when you are in tight? That is, when you take both hands with your opponent, you unbalance and flee. thanks

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