Bouncer & Doorman Defensive Tactics: Part II

Part II covers the following tops: 1. Identifying Hostile Subjects 2. Use-of-Force Ladder 3. Controlling Force 4. Arm Strikes 5. Choke Holds 6. Tackle Defense as …

37 thoughts on “Bouncer & Doorman Defensive Tactics: Part II

  1. BOOGIE NIGHTS says:

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    open the door pls..
    some change and change
    continew change
    to succes
    some need giovanni white talks..
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    very strong great and full colage white guys..
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  2. karl warren says:

    good stuff until the end, that's not how you get up in a fight. opposite hand and foot then put other behind, other hand out to prevent another takedown. Eg left hand, right foot on ground. lift body up. left foot goes between right foot and left hand. right hand raised. As opposed to floundering around for balance

  3. H. Jules says:

    I really love at 11:38 how he explains how to control a situation like a true professional. No killing and still considering his and the aggressors well being. I wish everyone was thinking like this. He ends explaining the rights of others too. Thats how it SHOULD be.

  4. Jimmy Lagerström says:

    when some one draw a knife, for sure step away from the door, sir. LOL social skills are crusial! when sending someone away thats been aggresive make sure to search them or send em off with police if you feel there is risk for retaliations, reading people, empty or real threats.

  5. drh kleinert says:

    Bouncers are nothing. Big mouth and big steroid muscles, thats it. Just think about that they allways are a bunch same brained guys, and its easy to make the big boy if you have a few buddys nearby. Its OK that they make a club or bar mor safe but i hate that big and aggro guys.

  6. Eazy Rider says:

    Then there is those on PCP or Crack, Those attackers are subhuman in that mindset they just keep coming back even on moves that would normally bring your attacker down straight away. They are hypo, agitated, Aggressive and out of their normal human pain thresh holed. These are the worst and probably most common types these days. I've seen 6 police try to control one guy like this. Being a doorman 2 decades ago might have been alright but its a different ball game now. I don't go to clubs anyway, I think the crowds they draw are shit, The prices for drinks are over the top, its the best place to get into trouble even if your not looking for it. They rife with egotistical dickheads and wankers that will start a fight if their drink gets spilled. The next two places to get in to trouble is the cab rank after the club has closed or the kebab shop in the cues. So much for anyone wanting a good night out, I wouldn't call it that at all. BTW i've not personally had any trouble at clubs that I haven't sorted out with a couple of strikes but who even wants that?  Best self defence is to just simply avoid the hot spots, Have a great night with close friends and a BBQ or go see a live band or festival. There is so much more to do then to go to these over rated places and waking up $500 shorter with a massive hangover with the smell of Sambuca all over your clothes. That shits for total dickheads. One more thing if the bouncers have had a hard time earlier with some wanker they become on edge with everyone and even start fights with people who had no intention of fighting they get all pumped up and egotistical as well at some places ive seen, Not at me personally but ive seen them do it many times. Not all places or all doormen either but it happens particularly when the doorman has had a good ol line or two to help him through the night. They often patrol the doors to warn the glassiers that the cops are coming in so the glassiers hid the drugs they are selling. How many of these places operate like this eh? Thousands of them. Drugs in night clubs is big business always has been. I wouldn't care if they shut every night club down across the globe. People might see what's going on in the real world then.  
    Just saying the example given at 11:10 that shoulder technique is way to much, The front of the shoulder is a major pressure point just strike right into it and disable his entire arm. That's enough im done.

  7. Devine 100 says:

    Ugh! 14:10 This situation is the one I hate the most. I don't want to be the first person to become physical and I certainly don't want to escalate the situation to a fight, but I have to get them out. What is worse is that I'm small and usually put on roaming so I don't always have another guard with me to provide assistance. 

  8. Chris Tenorio says:

    I took JKD for over 10 years and a 2nd degree Black Belt and if a bouncer puts his hands on me he would be waking up in the hospital in the ICU I was also trained in arrest control tactics here in Co. you could be arrested

  9. Derek Keogh says:

    Isnt it to dangerous training chips this ? most of these poor monkeys just do the job for attention they have missed out as a child , and a chance to put a suit on , Why don't we simply just hire non retarded people for this job?

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