Bouncer & Doorman Defensive Tactics: Part I

This video is for EVERYONE working the door of a bar, nightclub, or exclusive club in order to keep you and your patrons safe, and to reduce the legal liability for …

32 thoughts on “Bouncer & Doorman Defensive Tactics: Part I

  1. docbrown68 says:

    I agree with much of this video. To someone that is seasoned, this all seems like common sense, but it's not. Situations need to be dissected before they happen. This way, response is formulaic and not chaotic. That said, having worked a few gigs in NYC nite-clubs, there are some things that can NEVER be anticipated. A very good guide for someone beginning the job, because the FNGs get it wrong, more than not. Not aggressive enough, or too aggressive, and it never ends well. You should do a spot on those times a club owner wants to get involved personally, because you're there to kick ass for him if things go awry (and they usually do). Working a door is a dynamic job, that is in constant flux. You'd better have your shit wired tight. Thank you for your efforts in educating the FNGs. Cheers, and keep safe.

  2. str94100 says:

    This is some poorly though out shit. Not surprising, but piss poor, especially this entire idea he has of "ready stances" none of which at physically balanced, and puts the doorman in a disadvantaged position to manhandle a potential opponent. Especially this "grab his arms" crap. The last thing you want to do is grab an agitated drunk, especially in a manner that leaves your entire centerline vulnerable and you off balance.

  3. SinistrariKHS says:

    Thanks!  I would have loved to have had this for my officers back in the day.  I hope many watch and learn so they don't get hurt or worse.  I just have to ask, what do you think about some of the recent shootings by police where they seem to have jumped straight to their firearm instead of using lesser degrees of force?

  4. Stimulate EU says:

    I have never worked as bouncer, but I like to watch these videos. I respect good bouncers a lot since it is really good feeling that you know there is someone looking after troublemakers. 🙂

  5. Derrick Thorne says:

    Been Bouncing for so long…developed my own ways…good to know I am following some sort of procedure…I work in an area where you don't know if that's a Congressman family member or a Navy Seal…the Professionalism has carried me a long way…treat everyone with the same respect…Great Video..I'll be watching the others…

  6. selfpolicing says:

    I think that strikes and kicks dont have so good effekt on a very violent person. I like the rear naked choke if I dont get control of the violent person and he is trying to hurt you. Get control over the head and then go to the rear naked choke or some other choke. Do you teach the rear naked choke and what do you think about the RNC?

  7. Catpaw Productions says:

    These shoes… really? Have you ever been working at a club at all… You have no grip with these shiny looking shoes! Let alone, have you ever stepped into glass? Glass cuts right into your foot. I'd rather wear my combat boots then slip over some rum cola whilest bouncing someone. To be honest when I see someone comming to work with these types of shiny flashing but no grip shoes I sometimes send them home to change.

  8. Robert Schibel says:

    If you don't have a baton you can use a tactical flashlight, and they are sold in weapon stores, retail environments like Walmart or any sporting goods stores. Make sure the flashlight is a good fit, its light enough to use, and its sturdy enough to protect yourself if a person attacks you with anything in the bar. And keep in mind there are potential weapons in a bar lol

  9. Robert Schibel says:

    Steel toes are good if you only require the use of your hands and you want to pin someone down, but the best types of shoes are light and if you do wear boots, make sure they are light. I wear Interceptor boots because they are light and usually used for doormen, law enforcement, bail recovery, or even private security. When you are body guarding say, an exotic dancer during a private party, make sure you always wear something that will protect you from various hazards. Wear loose fitting pants and shirts in case of a knife attack so it will cut your clothes and not you.

  10. Robert Schibel says:

    In Europe, it is customary to work in high end Door Security because of the economy. Here in the US there are bar's especially in Texas that require you to be professional, but if you work in a Biker club or a hardcore Strip Joint, you where a black shirt, and a pair of jeans to identify yourself and be in dark corners so if something does happen you are in a position to do something.

  11. Banda de Guerra United States of America says:

    You're are completely right i am 18 years experience Bouncer/Security. Clubs. Bars. Concerts. Open Concerts. Personal Security. Festivals. Basically most types of events of mass people. actually i getting my license for a professional bodyguard. Alcohol change people. blind till they get in trouble. even fighting no just the Security but fighting police officers. trust me i never have punch anybody. yes i do locks or moves. when is required. best tip is no get problems to personal cause is not.

  12. patrick magee says:

    Where's the self defense tactics??? This guys talking about clean nails in a professional environment ??? And not a single self defense move was shown on this day this guy likes to hear himself talk, way too much dialogue not enough techniques

  13. Herb April says:

    Usually when you do the "bouncer trip" you learn the ropes on the job. You don't understand the possible legal ramifications until you do something that puts you in a world of trouble WITHOUT a safety net. You could easily get thrown in jail, sued, or killed. Watch this video and use your brain instead of your brawn. Osu!

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