Boker Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Knife

The Boker Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Knife was designed by Rex Applegate and W.E. Fairbairn 1943. This knife was their idea of an ideal fighting knife that …

29 thoughts on “Boker Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Knife

  1. *Danni* says:

    Its a reproduction, doesnt have 6 key features of the FS knife, probably more I cant see right off the bat.

    1. Slim linearly tapering blade
    2. Half to full inch ricasso
    3. Curved guards (asymetric)
    4. Impact balls on guards
    5. Impact ball on pommel
    6. Steel grip

  2. joe8075 says:

    Really Nice. Knife! Really cheesy sheath! Boker maybe should stay a little more civilian. Randall would never peddle that kind of crap to thier customers. I do like the Boker Tucan. Suspect this company is not really military serious.

  3. Greenmachine305 says:

    As an afterthought, in this case with the knife being primarily a piercing weapon, the poor blade sharpness is not an issue. However, I don't see how leaving the edge dull could increase tip strength, so why not have a sharp knife? It should be able to slash effectively, after all. Does anyone disagree?

  4. Greenmachine305 says:

    Excellent review. It is very well suited to its intended purpose, however Boker should be ashamed to allow a combat knife leave the factory with such a dull edge. I want so badly to like Boker, but having purchased a few of their products, I can say that overall I am disappointed.

  5. Michael Bonade says:

    i'm a collector myself, and i've been eyeing this knife for a year or 2 because most of my cash goes to folders….but this is really one of those classic fixed/fighting designs that deserves a place in any collection…two days ago a limited 5.5in micarta handled version of this knife posted for sale on ACK….i scooped it up yesterday and i'm pretty stoked to own one….my fixed blade collection is slowly growing but growing none the less…

  6. Steve Martin says:

    Here we go again some fat civilians sitting on their couch eating cake commenting on stilettos not being sharp enough because they dont understand the concept of the knife.

  7. Steven Johnson says:

    Boker makes great knives, sharpen it, use it. And if not buy a benchmade fairly okay priced and made to use. But i'm sure you know that. I want that boker leopard boot knife but its waaaay to much. I might stick with my Smith$Wesson double edge boot knife its like 20 bucks and sharper than hell.

  8. Ilya Makarov says:

    Great knife!!! I bought my Blackjack "Applegate-Fairbairn" in the 90's after it was recommended to me by Col Applegate himself. You may want to pick up a copy of Applegate's "Combat Use of the Double Edged Fighting Knife" as well, for a simple manual covering the actual use of this fine knife.

  9. ChuckHydro says:

    Thanks for your review! An excellent combat knife, it remains one of the best, if not the best production combat knives in the world! There is only one thing wrong with it I see, you have it instead of me! Ha, thanks again my friend, enjoy!

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