Bojuka Gun Self Defense Technique – How to Disarm an Armed Attacker

Self defense against an assailant armed with a hand gun. Learn how to grab the a hand gun away and escape. Turn the gun on your …

34 thoughts on “Bojuka Gun Self Defense Technique – How to Disarm an Armed Attacker

  1. TuckFheIlluminati says:

    Hopefully the assailant won't be holding the gun with 2 hands. Any trained person would hold it with both (for better accuracy) , so this will most likely would NOT work against a professional, or anyone with common sense or some training.

    keep that in mind.

  2. Snapshot290 says:

    There is a difference between cowardace and stupidity. If you are being shot at, have no means of shooting back or defending yourself, and you can get away, run. Call the cops, theyll dust the shells for prints. Youre no good for anything if youre dead. Maby you can survive in COD after youve been shot several times charging a gunman, but in real life it only takes one.

  3. bae313 says:

    Why would some1 spend just 2 minutes & 56 seconds to try to teach people to defend themselves in a potentially lethal situation. It is irresponsible at best & grossly negligent at it's worst.

    What about the footwork to get the body off line? What about trapping & catching principles? What about describing the strengths of the attack & the defensive weaknesses on a human physiology basis? I could go on….

    Martial arts instructors need to get out of the confidence man business.

  4. Snapshot290 says:

    Run, its extremely hard to hit a moving target at a long distance (atleast fifteen yards) with a handgun. Break the line, move behind solid cover and keep running. There is no way to dissarm someone who is outside of hand to hand range, the best thing to do it get the hell out of there.

  5. nalvarado65 says:

    What if after you disarm him he pulls the pin to a grenade strapped to his chest? Or his freinds try to run you down in the truck they're driving? You guys all have excellent points.

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