Bob Taylor – Front & Rear Headlock Defense



This video shows you simple techniques to get you out of a front or rear headlock, and one simple way to get out of a full nelson hold. These are some of the …

2 thoughts on “Bob Taylor – Front & Rear Headlock Defense

  1. abntemplar82 says:

    ok lets see, the front head lock, striking of the knee to get out. flaw here is simple, look to the body mechanics here. note how when the assistant's knee buckles, the instructors head is torqued downward hyper extending the neck. VERY VERY DANGEROUS AND POTENTIALLY DEADLY. if the person applying the headlock falls backwards (most likely), he could inadvertently snap the persons neck right around C1-3 which is a no reflex kill. you will be dead before you even know it.  The groin shot works here with the ridge hand because of the swinging motion of the arm, but do not rely on it especially in a bar fight with a drunk. in truth groin shots only work about 50% of the time. im not saying dont use that kind of strike, im saying dont rely solely on it. if you use this strike either continue to hit the bastard or try to use it to lift the target off the ground. sounds crazy but the target's autonomic response will be to free his hands to brace for the fall. thats when you get out and counter strike.

    back head lock, the over reliance of groin shots are the flaw here. this is where the knee strike works best. you can force him off you with continued strikes to the back of the knee because you are forcing him off balance. again the autonomic response for everyone is to brace for the fall. remember continued strikes until he is down or you are released. the instructor is using a ridge hand, generally this is always a great strike that can do huge amounts of damage, but in this case again look to body mechanics. the ridge hand strike relies less on arm strength than it does on total body movement for its damage threshold. this technique though impressive to the untrained, relies on arm strength bad move. try it at home, if the person applying the hold is bigger than you are, you will not hit anything of value in the groin. your arms just cant reach that far and if you can, because there is no motion from the majority of your body, the ridge hand strike is next to useless. rather if you can lift the person up and over you just the motion of him going off the ground will force your release.  now if the person is bigger than you can lift dont do that. GRAB AND SQUEEZE the groin then use the knee strike again continue squeezing and striking until he is down or you are released.

    in both instances you need to control the fall of the target. uncontrolled falls can hurt or kill you rather than him. remember you are talking about your upper neck, the cervical spine area, very sensitive and very easy to kill or paralyze a person there. 

    head locks are one of the easiest things to get out of. first preferably when a person is trying to put you into the headlock, put your chin to your chest. this protects you throat and allows you to continue to freely breath. if the bad guy gets you into the head lock turn your face towards his elbow (of the constricting arm of course) again this protects your throat and also gives you an option. BITE THE BASTARD HARD! then use the knee or groin strikes to further force the attacker off.

    a good defense don''t get into a head lock, best defense dont get into a fight period. but if god forbid you have to fight, then dont stop till you are safe, be brutal, be merciless, and no hesitation. t also as a warning your adrenaline is going to be pumping you will have strength you did not know you possessed.

    remember the rule of fighting, "there are only 3 ways to hit a person, hard fast and continuously. dont stop till he drops." or as worded in the military, speed surprise and violence of action.

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