46 thoughts on “Bob Dummy Review

  1. Ogma says:

    This "a bag doesn't hit back" advice is absolute bullshit. Almost anyone using a bag knows that an opponent is different than a bag. However, it is abundantly clear that working on a bag/bob will improve your ability to take on a real opponent by helping you improve your punching. If I had a choice to fight someone with no training or someone who had simply been working a bag for two months I'd fight the former.

  2. JackTheWolf says:

    I think it's time to stop with the arms joke.. not funny anymore when you are scrolling through comments and every single coment is ''Whut if ma oponent haz armz…… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I em soo funni I bet nubody thinkz aboit dat'' .. Really.. Not funny anymore.. Not funny.. Help..

  3. Ricardo the Don says:

    Don't the people realize before commenting the joke, that there are already dozens of people that beat you to it, therefore it lacks originality and most likely won't get liked if Read at all?

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