Bo Staff, Top 10 Spins and Strikes – Wow, Incredible

Top 10 Bo Staff Techniques of Kung Fu. These are some Fundamental and Beginning level top ten Bo Staff Techniques! The Chinese Staff or Bo Staff can be …

46 thoughts on “Bo Staff, Top 10 Spins and Strikes – Wow, Incredible

  1. Nycota Rium says:

    I've watched many of your utube videos and am surprised to learn you have any haters. Perhaps they're in some way envious of you and what you've achieved, they probably do the same to other people

  2. Dan Ross says:

    Enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting it. I will look for a class to properly learn. But today I think I will grab a rod I have and try a few spins, of course very slowly. Thank you again and I will add you to the short list I follow. You can be assured that I probably won't be adding anything from the haters. Probably don't know what the hell they are talking about anyhow.

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