BO STAFF – Real Fight

BO STAFF – Real Fight. This is how we train for fighting with the Chinese Bo Staff. This is a short clip from our Brand NEW Bo Staff DVD with Jake Mace. The Bo …

25 thoughts on “BO STAFF – Real Fight

  1. Kareem Z says:

    I have been in a real stick fight before this was with 2 thieves one with a knife I think. There's not enough time to do all the flashy moves the only thing possible was a stun to the head and the flailing of the stick for intimidation Im no good with the stick the only move im good at is pivoting the stick with my left hand and manuovering the stick with the right hand and keep doing it until theres power and the stick wobbles at its end tho even if you are a beginner it takes skill to learn the basics. My teacher always said its better to master the basics than be a beginner in all the styles. Meaning someone could've learned alot more moves and variation and is higher level than you interms of moving on the the next style tho he only knows every move that it is comfortable for him to do tho he still has not mastered any move then he will lose to a person who has mastered the basics even if its just 3 simple moves.

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