Bo-Shuriken Techniques



It shows a variety of the throws I can perform with bo-shuriken. I’m using shuriken made from nails, they weigh 100g. It includes Hanten-daho throws at 3:00 …

26 thoughts on “Bo-Shuriken Techniques

  1. Ayako's Channel says:

    Nice throwing techniques! It's about same power than pistol crossbow arrow if u throw very fast.. Pistol Crossbow may better accuracy but Bo-Shuriken throwing is faster! It must still throw using "best" tech & must have fast hand, about 200fps if want penetrate human skull. Watch out zombie go boom pistol crossbow video, so u can see what it did human skull.. I'm so interest this "ninja stuff" i buy myself Bo-Shurikens just for hobbying ^^ I will make them near future vids! I have my channel big weapon collection including knives, machetes, swords, minipickaxes, bb guns, bows & more vids is coming, Welcome! ^^

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