Slasher line game fowls fought in the Philippines islands, almost hundreds to thousands birds are fought in our cockpits daily….Enjoy the show!!!!


  1. Devill Spankalot says:

    +Zaheer Aslam I truly admire Asil's strength and endurance. Damn what a bird. Such a physique for such a warrior. But then it get harder to watch when the stalemate between the two Asils dragged on to the next 20 minutes as they tried to break each other's head in the give-and-take exchange naked heels.

    That's the point when it appeared as animal abuse to me — brutal and pointless to watch. Maybe they should wear something in their feet during the fight so a victor can be decided in the first 5 minutes of the fighting. But I don't agree they wield a long sharp blade in their foot like what they did in the Philippines.

    Chickens are not designed to bring samurai swords to a kicking fight. It has been known that birds were killed by their own blades. Some people also put poison on the bird's blade. And here the Pinoys come boasting about their chicken having skill, talent, ability to strategise, and all that bullshits.

    What skill is that when a blinded and bloodied cock having a spasm sliced his opponent's neck by chance? What talent is that when the cock landed on his own blade? What thinking ability is that when the cock should have waited instead of lunging too early? What about the use of steroids?

    Cockfighting using sharp blades is NOT about skills or talent. It's all about LUCK! So stop the bullshit. You're only wasting bloodlines. Might as well give the birds a pair of pistols each.

  2. Zaheer Aslam says:

    Anyone from the U.K… there are a few pure beautiful Aseels here in the U.K for sale… there are pairs available.. also I have another contact who has so many different birds, beautiful colours, varied sizes and ages.. all in the U.K.. if anyone wants to start owning Aseels.. just ask.,.

  3. Zaheer Aslam says:

    Guy's… if you want to get into this type of thing… go for 'Aseels'… without spurs/blades.. i'd personally go for a pair and start breeding myself.. then change the gene pool from time to time for health and good beautiful variations… You won't need to instigate fights as the males will fight anytime they see another male invade the other's area… it's a great start up… however..if you DO wish to go down the Derby or professional fighting route… there's almost always Blades and then you will only need a fast aerodynamic bird..these types of fights last no more than a few minutes before the competition is over as the opponent is dead already.. This is NOT something I condone at all… but if that's what you want… keep a barbecue going always… good luck.

  4. Zaheer Aslam says:

    Someone mentioned Phillapines so i thought id check out your breeds,…. again very similar to south american… not worth a dime where im from…. these birds are more in tune with light weight fighters.. fly around alot.. very fast… these breeds would not last against aseels…. no matter how much you train them or what steroid you stick in them.. better off on a grill…

  5. Kona Winds says:

    All nice looking birds, Great pics i wish i could come out to the farm. Love the slideshow They are all my favorite types of gamebirds. i can only dream of having all those breeds. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ricky Valenciano says:

    talakitok..educational ito.di para sa bubong katulad mo.di nga nagrereklamo kamag anak mo..baka nga di ka pa kilala nuon..mga gentleman ang mga breeder..para ka lang sa dagat talakitok.huwag kang sumampa sa lupa baka maisigang ka,para kang langaw..napadapo ka lang sa kalabaw,malaki ka pa sa kalabaw..mahiya hiya ka sa ayos mo…..

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