Blender Tutorial – Creating a Combat Knife Game Asset – Part 2 – Low Poly and UV Unwrapping



In the second part of this step-by-step game modeling series I’ll walk you through taking our low poly knife model and UV unwrapping it in Blender. You’ll learn …

28 thoughts on “Blender Tutorial – Creating a Combat Knife Game Asset – Part 2 – Low Poly and UV Unwrapping

  1. Shadowsketch says:

    even in 2.8 (the version of blender i am currently working with)
    this tutorial series is goddamn brilliant, thanks for making it, it really helps me understand the entire process for making game assets.

  2. Grey Virus says:

    So, can we unwrap it any other way – quick way- and it's all good as long as it unwraps? + why do you rearrange the UV maps so tediously? Can't we just leave them as is? (I'm just trying to learn all the corners I shouldn't cut, as I like to half ass it if it works) xD

  3. TheSebledingue says:

    Thank you very much for this series, sincerely. I use blender 2.79b, during Ctrl + J after unfolding the UVs, I still get a UV problem in the stretch. Do you know how to fix that?
    I specify that all the objects are unfolded on the same UV map, the one by default. I tried to apply the transforms with Ctrl + A in object mode and apply scale, rotation and even location. But nothing works ..

    Is this a bug in this version of blender?

    Also, should I pay attention to stretch in Area mode? You did not talk about it.

  4. Jacur1980 says:

    Really nice tutorial. My only point is that it misses information on why low poly model looks as it looks. I mean instructor does not say why we are skipping any of the details of the high poly, what geometry is "enough", etc. A bit of theory would be great here.

  5. Rodger Davis says:

    Pretty awesome! Quick tip! If you already unwrapped the objects before, you don't have to unwrap it again. Go into the UV/image editor and select all islands. Press CTRL+A (Average Islands Scale) and then do a quick and dirty pack using CTRL+P (Pack Islands). Adjust if needed.

  6. Ganapathy M says:

    Thank you, Very Eager to watch the next video, but it would be very helpful if you teach us some tips and tricks in UV unwrap and give us better understanding about it

  7. David Snow says:

    Fantastic tutorial, Chris.

    Quick tip: If you have multiple modifiers that you want to apply, instead of applying them individually, you can hit Alt+C >> Mesh from curve/Meta/Surf/Text.

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