Blender Tutorial – Creating a Combat Knife Game Asset- Part 1 – High Poly

In this step-by-step Blender tutorial series I’ll take you through the entire process of modeling and texturing a combat knife game asset in Blender. In the first part …

21 thoughts on “Blender Tutorial – Creating a Combat Knife Game Asset- Part 1 – High Poly

  1. Hoodie Gamer says:

    watching in 2019 this is absolutely clean, fast and well elaborated. im still learning new ways of approaching modelling and this has been incredibly helpful. Gotta subscribe looking to learn much more

  2. djC653 says:

    Great tutorial. Thanks for this. Is there a reason why I'm not seeing changes in my viewport when I change settings in the Bevel modifier but when he changes settings he sees the changes.

  3. sputnik igamer says:

    Looks like the Tutorial I need. What I cant figure out is how do you move your background image and model together so that you can zoom in really close on a specific detail? Thankyou

  4. Talamander says:

    Here's my final render!

    Skimmed through this tutorial to see how you tackled issues like the end of the blade and such, very informative and educational. Great voice. Ended up skipping the low poly aspects of the tut and just taking it into Substance Painter to texture and render on my own

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