Blender and Substance Painter – Creating a Combat Knife Game Asset – Part 4



In the 4th and final part of this step-by-step game asset series we’ll be using Substance Painter to texture our combat knife. You can download the project files …

39 thoughts on “Blender and Substance Painter – Creating a Combat Knife Game Asset – Part 4

  1. Twenty Five Hundred says:

    Chris, this is an outstanding tutorial. I've got the Corvette course and loved it, now I`m using this to learn how to create game assets and oh boy I wish you had another in-depth tutorial on the newer Blender and SP2020 workflow with a lot more features covered. Your methods of teaching are the best, and trust me I've been through many courses and none of them has ever explaiend things better than you do.

  2. Chasing Bonee says:

    Hi CG Masters, idk if you'd read this but I have a question. Very new to Blender and extremely new to Substance Painter (haven't gone past opening the software).

    Watched the 4 part series is here is what I got (steps).
    1. Model low poly object (very low poly, without the extra details like the crevice on the bottom of the knife handle).
    2. Enhanced low poly object into high poly (modeling in the small details like the crevice, etc).
    3. Unwrap low poly model, join them into one object, organize them into one uv, separate by loose parts.
    4. Make normal maps my combining low and high poly (selecting low poly first then high poly, cuz that's were the normal maps' gonna bake into).
    5. Presented a bit of a problem with the normal maps created in Blender so, you let Substance create it itself. By importing both low poly and high poly mesh (high poly for baking).

    Is that right? Having a bit of problem as I see so many ways people do their Blender to Substance workflow (as a beginner, none has work for me yet) Some say I have to unwrap both high and low poly model, make my own ID map in Blender (from the high poly mesh), etc. I'm so confused.

    Sorry for the long comment.

  3. Shadowsketch says:

    i can't for the life of me get the guard/pommel part to copy the layers from the blade without the handle also doing so, im not sure what's causing this.

    So i found the solution:
    The guard folder itself needed a mask, and i only had a mask on the fill layer, removed that, added mask on the folder layer itself and painted over the parts that needed it.

  4. K says:

    Followed up until here… And I don't have substance painter. Seeing the comments, I may be the only one not having it.

  5. FinalTV says:

    Hi bro, Im having Issues with UV in substance painter, I can't see the blade, but in blender it is ok, in the UV in substance I see only the handle N the handguard, what is the problem in your opinion?

  6. Jim Beam says:

    i got a question, ive done everything like you showed, but in sp it seems like the program mixes up my 2 meshes (low+high poly), btw i wanted to make a m9 bayo with pinks on top of the blade…
    but nice video, easy to follow and to understand

  7. Grey Virus says:

    hey again CG Masters ) So, I've tried to make my own katana following your knife, I'm having a problem whith baking in substance; I did some sculpting to my high poly handle mesh, and when I bake it to the low mesh in Substance it just looks flat, like low poly. Is it because I've done some sculpting to it?

  8. Grey Virus says:

    Got to make sure all the Modifiers are applied before exporting, I had a problem with that just now. – Also, does importing it into SubPainter this way still keep the model low poly with normals just baked unto it? (sorry for noob questions)

  9. Hard Rooster Labs says:

    Hey Chris, I really enjoyed your Corvette course, I learned a ton. I followed along here with the knife and Substance painter bit, using your knife, but when I tried to import an object of my own, I get an error and it wont load in, and the error isn't particularly communicative. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

  10. john dsfsdfsdfsd says:

    hello can u help me this one your setting said to to change the "MATCH= BY MESH NAME" whoever it bake the normal and ID in black BUT IF I DID NOT CHANGE THE SETTING IT BAKE FINE BUT IT TAKE LONGER TO BAKE

  11. LR18 says:

    got to the lat video with only 1 minor issue .. now though, when I finish baking I'm left with the low poly object .. no high poly normal information on the model 🙁 can't see where I'm going wrong.

  12. Denis Culic says:

    Hi Chris, i am wondering why you didnt add that groove detail on the blade inside the SP exactly like you added the text stamps, just want to know if there is any reason for that. Thank you for the great tutorial !!! 🙂

  13. Pascal says:

    we need more of these also organic stuff plz, this was one of my first models learning blender 2.8 and Painter, really enjoyed it, i'll definitely check your courses if u make them for real-time rendering.

  14. Xtabiaa says:

    Thanks Chris, that was a good warmup project. tomorrow we start the corvette tut.

    P.S It is pronounced K-Bar not ka bar..just so ya know 🙂

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