Blade Show 2017: Ryan Johnson Talks New RMJ



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27 thoughts on “Blade Show 2017: Ryan Johnson Talks New RMJ

  1. Angron's Stepson says:

    I’ll never understand the pricing on some of today’s tools. That Death Dealer Frazzeta axe is perhaps the most impressive bladed implement I have ever laid my eyes on. But it costs more than a quality firearm. Guess there’s a lot of rich people that are into bladed weapons and tools these days. I would never be able to afford an axe priced that high. Too bad. It’s absolutely epic.

  2. Shaun Elliott says:

    My first school holiday Joe was to be a "hare" for a company that trained soldier's in trafficking/ escape and evade, running them ragged on Dartmoor and the Hebrides. It was definitely the best job I've ever had, and I have had some belters.

  3. Shaun Elliott says:

    I cannot believe the price of some of these, ive had one knife for well over 25yrs, and a bunch of others from then till know, all very well used. Not one of my knives cost anything like the RMJ range, and in all that time, not ones has ever let me down. It doesn't have to be expensive for it to be good, and it doesn't mean it's good because it's expensive. Just choose wisely, if you don't have any,then find someone who does, you just can't buy experience. But that axe is fuckin cool. All of them are, I loved axes. The Purge UK, bring it on.

  4. Alan Eubanks says:

    Don't be telling people that they can cut electrical lines because the handle is tested. You're only taking on a huge liability. Just testing a handle once doesn't make it ok. Other than that you make some great products. I have an older eagle talon and a shrike.

  5. Anthony P says:

    Awesome footage! I’m becoming more a user of the tomahawks and they might just be the most versital tool I’ve met. I expect to get onto some RMJ tools in 2018. Thx4Sharing

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