22 thoughts on “blade basics reverse grip AKA ice pick grip

  1. Big John says:

    @wmpyr yeah it dose and i agree w/ you on the knowing serveal methods ans styles to many of us myself included get set in 1 way to do something and become 1 dementional in that aspect

  2. wmpyr says:

    @modestohomeboy thanx man, that is the reality, when I cut things, and the blade does get stuck, I get happy because it is a good time for me to practice such scenarios!

  3. wmpyr says:

    @poormansjamesbond thanx man, my pleasure, more like just wanted to cover too many things and I start to lose focus so I actually had to edit out some other material. A good way to show someone nothing is to show them everything.

  4. wmpyr says:

    @smkdude26 yeah, definitely if one actually uses their knife they find out real quick that it doesn't always cut so great 🙂 I like the quote in Under Siege 2, Assumption is the mother of all F-ups!

  5. wmpyr says:

    @bigjohn20081983 as a professional, I think it's important to be comfortable with many different styles of knife grips, but I also think it's important to have a specialty. Seems like many people like the reverse grip 🙂

  6. wmpyr says:

    @stompySharpNpointy I have seen a few other knife people on youtube and I've seen a little bit, I can tell that the founder knows how to use the sticks 🙂

  7. Big John says:

    Personly the reverse grip is my favorite grip for many reasons I like the removal action i was always taught to twist the knife. I was also taugh w/ a reverse grip its harder for someone to take the knife without cutting themselfs seriously though IMHO thats a skill training and tenique thing.

  8. smkdude26 says:

    Like the recovery info on the stab. Most people have no idea how easy a blade can get hung up. Back on the farm hunting and butchering live stock hiting a bone would change the blade cut or entery and could cause u to loose your grip. As always great vid.Rei.

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