BO4 Gold Camo Combat Knife. Unlock gold for all secondaries. BO4 Easy Diamond Camo Tips …


  1. WTFL says:

    The knife is super easy to get gold I use it a lot so I guess I can see why people annoying but it's fun to use it i just need 3 more pistols and launcher to get diamond Knifeeeee

  2. russell morgan says:

    Did mine 5 bloods one game of hardcore dom on new map…elevation using lightweight with cold blood and dead silence with Torque…knfe em,run away but remember what character you killed to shoot him with his gun.

  3. Solar says:

    The hard part about getting it dia is the handguns. And the sg-12. The Mozu is whatever because its a one shot head shot with op mod. But the other two suck… its miserable to use them because everyone runs around with the spitfire.

  4. Nathaniel Hayslett says:

    Heres what i did and it took me about a day, for my class i used ajax and for perks i used ghost and dead silence, tactical mask and lightweight, use core TDM since its alot easier to flank and alot more new players, dont rush spawns unless you can forsure know you can get behind them and always try and stay inside on huge maps, when you come to the blood thirstys if you dont know what your doing camp or stay inside and its just a matter of luck, for the 5 kills with an enemys weapon try to kill close to the spawn so theyll spawn back again, for backstabber just hide inside and try and flank using lanes that they're not protecting, its frustrating but eventually you will get the hang of it. Use those 200 kills at first to learn the maps and where enemies rarely travel for example on jungle, always stick in the village and circle around the village using the fronts of buildings as cover. Also you have to get lucky and it depends on the lobby honestly because some players vary their routes and they will get your tactics so change lobbys after every 2 games UPDATE: since i unlocked dark matter i went and started working on the secret santa, and yes you can use ruin as a specialist infact it helps by catching up to enemies with the grapple

  5. KingJayyzWorld says:

    Who misses that old little Game
    Modern Warfare 2?

    You didn’t need Ajax to have a Shield
    Didn’t need to wait 5 minutes to stun someone
    Launchers actually killed people
    Didn’t need battery to stick somebody or use a better Grenade launcher
    You healed quicker
    We had a heartbeat sensor
    More, better weapons
    Better camos

    Mw2 was just an all out better multiplayer game

  6. Charlie Dubb says:

    Man thanks for this vid. All I have left is 2 more bloodthirsty's on tbe knife. 2 more snipers and mog 12 I'll have dark matter. Your vis have been alot of help. Thanks again

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