Black Ops 3- Tips For Using the “Combat Knife”

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9 thoughts on “Black Ops 3- Tips For Using the “Combat Knife”

  1. Odin Knowledge Seeker says:

    Good tips for a beginer but tips from someone who has been knifing since black ops 1. #1 Dash is an amazing tool use it to get close and dodge #2 Eagle strikes are good if you don't know its when you get supper high and jump over there vyew so they don't see it comeing #3 lay down or crouch at doorways if you crouch they don't see you as easlaly and you can get an easyer stab #4 regarding your speshal ability speed and the cloak are good choices for beginers but latter on after your a decent knifer you may want to use heatwave not only is it cool looking but its use full for taking on groups of people or escapes run into a room and there's three people stun in stab or run into the entire enemy team stun and run!

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