BJJ Blackbelt DESTROYS Kali Knife Fighter! OMG!

BJJ Blackbelt STOPS Kali Knife Fighter – Part 1: RAW Footage Never assume conclusions. Spend more time training! Train Kali with me at my online school …

31 thoughts on “BJJ Blackbelt DESTROYS Kali Knife Fighter! OMG!

  1. Martial Artist says:

    Ridiculous… defense against knife on the ground is SUICIDE! If the Kali get's the destroyed then you suck at Kali and that is the end of the story. The rubber knife is IMPORTANT because then you dare to use the knife for real. No sane person dares to use a real knife like you do.

    Even if you win, you can die. When he is choked down you will be filled with so many holes so you must get to the hospital before it's too late.

  2. IRON DRAGON Martial Arts Academy and Fitness says:

    Great video. Awesome job of blending two important arts together. I am also impressed by the mutual respect two different stylist give each other. I wish there were more of that. I can hardly wait too see part II. In reality, if Kali man pulls out of knife you had better run like hell. Period. Sport BJJ has no answer for dealing a a 'master of the blade'. An unskilled street fighter perhaps a slim chance? But against a kali man there is zero chance of survival. So, run.

  3. Kristian Tizzard says:

    Really interesting video, thanks for doing it. Probably worth noting that side control is very advantageous in a one on one but it very risky in scenarios where further opponents have to be factored for (which is nearly always on street self defence). Grappling novices tend to hold on to the person with side control with one or both arms. This is a bad strategy in a Bjj competition or a fair one on one ground fight but a very effective way of stopping the person with side control disengaging and giving others time to get involved. You could argue that you'd go for a kimura /arm bar as fast as possible to prevent the knife attack but they still have the other arm. Whether they could hold on with a torn shoulder is down to the individual and circumstances but 30 seconds is a long time in a real altercation.

  4. B-luv 707 says:

    One thing all knife defense doesn't mention. Is you might not even know the guy has a knife. I got stabbed 4 times never even saw the knife I was on top of the guy and he was stabbing me from underneath. Didn't even know I'd been stabbed until after the fight.

  5. Dik Tracy says:

    If you actually CARRY knives (3 of them) you are a pussy. Sorry but yo are.

    You would say the same thing if i pulled a 9 on u…

    I know, how abt we do a video titled, "Howitzer vs BJJ"?? smdh

  6. Guro Jason says:

    Wish this guy was in my area. This is one of the first bjj guys I've seen that I didn't want to smash his face with a brick. I teach FMA in an area where there are a lot of bjj guys. Their usual reaction to stuff like this is shit like (No I'm not kidding) "Bro. A dude wouldn't have a chance to pull a knife before I take him down and lock him up".

  7. Daniel Skipp says:

    BullshitJJ is how to get stomped, stabbed, suckerpunched, strangled etc. by another attacker… you know, by the enemy's associates, as well as bitten and gouged by the guy you are "dominating". Nor does it have a clue about internal strength… Not all "martial" arts are created equal.

  8. AZ808PIMP says:

    I commented on the Kali continuation of this video and seen a comment posted with this video link. The grappler did everything correct to pin the Kali guys arms from getting his knife. I don't think the Kali guy knew how it feels to be pinned and thought he was going to make a video about how to stab a grappler. I think training with weapons is very deadly and you should learn how to fight unarmed first so you don't have to go to stabbing someone and killing them to win a fight. Weapons and killing is only for extreme situations of self defense and military warfare. I would like to learn how to use weapons for those extremely bad situations especially if you go to prison but focusing on training unarmed combat is more realistic to being able to win a fight without a weapon. If you can disarm a weapon who's going to win the fight but if you have a weapon obviously you'll probably kill someone

  9. Vic Joven says:

    nose hole is better to grab than ear. ive tried it before in real fighting, you can carry a big person in that style, even carabao follow on his master because of tie on its nose. but the worst thing is stabbing your thumb on your opponent eye. i dont recommend it to do that but in case. every thing is a weapon, it depends on siutation.(:-)

  10. ronisworld2 says:

    very nice video! both parties are humble and proud enough to admit both art's strong and weak points! bravo! bravo!! – kali practitioner here and a fan of ground techniques!.. awesome vid! tnx for sharing!

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