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BJJ Black Belt, Chad Vázquez, and Pekiti Tirsia Kali Instructor, Logan Lo, breakdowns the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Weapon fighting techniques used in …

45 thoughts on “BJJ Black Belt Breaks Down Ava Fight Scenes | Scenic Fights

  1. Scenic Fights says:

    Welcome BACK! To another Episode. Thank you all for being so supportive. I want to note our favorite rapper/actor Common makes an appearance in Ava (2020) so we urge you to check our John Wick vs Common BJJ / Judo breakdown on our channel too:

    Logan/Chad also want to note practicing the Ashi Otoshi is deceivingly risky so please only practice with a professional trainer!

    With that being said, which breakdown would you like to see us cover next?

  2. pearish says:

    Delightful content as always! Y’all are so dedicated to the conversations in your comment section- every time I scroll through while a breakdown is happening, I see that you’ve liked or replied to about 90% of them!! I appreciate all the work that you do to foster a neat community who is just as passionate about film and martial arts as your team clearly is. Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Alex Flores says:

    So for the one arm choke while opponent is in turtle, say the opponent manages to get the left hand in between your forearm and his neck, how would you move that arm if straight physical strength won't help?

  4. Glocos10 says:

    I'd love to see a breakdown on some fight scenes on The Fast and teh Furious, like the buss fight; or the fight between obi wan and qui gon vs darth maul on star wars episode 1 ^ ^

  5. David Beale says:

    Been loving all the episodes so far. Would live to see you guys break down the operator v. the two assassins from the night comes for us. I can't really think of another film that has anyone using a kukri.

  6. Kennedy00Louis says:

    Can you guys do a break down of both fight scene's that take place in the airport from the movie Tenet? And by both I mean the first time we see the fight, and then later in the movie when we see the same fight but in a reversed time perspective. I really love the complexity on that fight so I would like to see how legit it is. Your content is amazing btw, very excited for more break downs 😀

  7. RLA says:

    I saw Ava on Netflix and I didn't rally enjoy the fight scenes. They had a lot of missed opportunities with their martial arts usage. However, Jessica Chastain, Collin Farrell, and Jon Malkovich were good. But I'd expect great actors to be great. Really needed better fight choreography.

  8. JeremyF4i says:

    I'm waiting for the day when more movie directors learn from the John Wick movies and actually have their actors train for what they will be acting.
    As others have said here.. if you guys were to train the actor on how things really should be done.. this would be on a level comparable to John Wick. Some people don't care about accuracy, they just like a lot of flash and movements, with camera trickery.. but some of us get bored so fast with directors who are ignorant in the areas they are directing a movie about..
    I feel if the actor/actress is being paid for a movie, they should also be paid for their accuracy, otherwise, they are not that good of an actor/actress.. they're giving a sub-par performance. 🙂

  9. mothafraker says:

    You know, 30 yrs ago….Those fights would've been considered awesome. Because nobody paid attention to what was actually going on. But I started noticing things when I began Martial Arts classes.

    But even before that, I always hated fights in Westerns. Everything was jabs and wild hay makers. Nobody learned wrestling? No forearm shots, elbows, or knees in the clinch?!!! In my first fight in 2nd grade we did some admittedly lame, ineffective dirty boxing, but it was there. Two untrained 7 or 8 yr olds. So I would ask my dad.."Dad..who fights like that?"

  10. Anthony Clemente says:

    Great tips! Here's some of mine:
    On ground from back can also grab back of elbow with 1 hand;let's say left hand&back of neck with right hand, which then you move right elbow up or down to stop punches. On hand grabbing elbow, they won't be able to punch&it's relatively easy to hold onto someone's elbow. Then trying to flip them in 1 direction hard, then as soon as they push back, I switch directions&they help my flip them.

  11. MrWhite066 says:

    Would Love to see you Guys Breakdown the Movie Troy Hector vs Achilles. And The fight scenes from Universal Soldier: Regeneration, i think all the fights in that movie are worthy of being broken down by you guys

  12. Kevin Ahoy says:

    Chad and Logan make their channel required viewing for any modern action movie fan. As time goes on, audiences get more educated and should expect more from their movie fights. Who hasn't looked at a fight and said, "Ahh, that's fake!" . My suggestion: Never Back Down, final fight scene. Circa 2008, came out at the rise of MMA. the choreography seems solid, but we as fight fans, know more now. Thanks for the great content.

  13. Joffer Bathan says:

    I disagree with prioritising guard recovery from mount to defend punches; while it does work well and no doubt gives better defenses from the scenario; my take on it is that basic mount escape using the method of bridging, over hooking the arm, grapevining the same side leg from the overhooked arm, and bridging again to roll them over is the better option. I'm mostly bjj based with my style in MMA, and most of my experience of staying in the bottom – even when my opponent is in my guard – is that I still receive hard strikes, especially if my opponent knows what he was doing, and it usually doesn't end well. Being on the bottom always leads me to prioritising standing up or sweeping rather than guard retention and submissions.

  14. Livio says:

    I'd like to see what Scenic Fights has to say about the final fight between Rama and The Assassin in the Raid 2. It's an incredible scene that has amazing escalation and holds up under repeat viewings. I think it's one of the best movies that uses the Karambit correctly. Hopefully, Scenic Fights gives that fight a good grade!

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