34 thoughts on “Biggest Mistake You Can Make in a Fight

  1. theartbook35 says:

    I always warn people if they come at me, that I am trained in martial arts, and I don't want to fight, but I will if I have to. Until the issue I had today, that's always worked. I feel like it is an effective strategy, because for someone of my size (I'm five feet even), these people aren't expecting me to know how to fight. They think I'll be an easy target. Telling them otherwise makes them stop and think, which is enough time for me to run away if possible, or grab my pepper spray if I know I cannot run away. This is something that only people with extensive training should say. If you don't have the training that I, or Nick has, DON'T claim that you have it. Be prepared to back up your words. If you don't, you'll come out looking like an ass, and then people will know you are an easy target.

  2. wakeupworld100 says:

    Great advice. We can also say a person who is too calm can be caught off guard can controlled. If a person runs up on a person and they get their ass beat… the aggressive person also controlled the calm person. Its about who controls who better. Again I agree with you. Peace.

  3. drh kleinert says:

    Another really big mistake is to trust to the mercy of the attacker. "When i dont punch back he will not hurt me so bad/ of course he will stop when i lay on the ground" etc…NO. Be sure he will NOT. So switch him out that he CANT fight further.

  4. D VAN says:

    Great advice from a skilled self defense Sifu like U… I enjoyed many of yours other vids. Thx so much 4 sharing 'ur knowledges n skills. Take care 'n Thumbs Up !!!

  5. William J. says:

    Please make a video concerning how to use and/or defend against twin baton in a street fight, especially baton with a 21 inch hidden blade inside it.
    My sincere gratitude, your subscriber.

  6. JoeDurobot says:

    So the biggest mistake you can do in a fight is get into a fight???
    Some fights you can't avoid, sometimes you even need to start them to protect the weak.
    If a woman is attacked in the street you don't get to "keep your ego in check" and walk away".
    You get in and help.

  7. NothingMaster says:

    Excellent, excellent advice. Indeed, the most challenging part of self defense is keeping cool, maintaining your focus, and not letting your ego get in the way. The time spent on dealing with the niceties of ego, is the time wasted, that you could have otherwise utilized to think on your feet and defuse the situation.

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