BIG BOSS CQC Techniques | Metal Gear Solid 5 Melee Combat

Hey FIT-GAMERS, In this FIT-GAMER Fight Move, we take a look at MGSV’s Big Boss striking combo. He uses a good amount of controlled forward momentum …

42 thoughts on “BIG BOSS CQC Techniques | Metal Gear Solid 5 Melee Combat

  1. NEILcOOPER says:

    LOL but it made me laugh and made him look ignorant and dumb when he critiqued Big Boss and said "it wasn't like his character" and that he could have just single swipe slamed them or something….. HELLO HE CAN DO THAT AND MORE SHOW MORE MOVES!!!! You LEGITLY ONLY demonstrated just his basic combo attack more CQC then that my friend…. But…. "Your Pretty Good" NICE VID

  2. melagkomas20 says:

    dude, you need more training on the 5-hit combo. btw, because I've met motosada mori, I'm telling you that the 5-hit combo is meant for enemies equipped with assault rifles; not pistols.

  3. Tcruzrts100 says:

    I don't know if this was intended or not (but knowing Kojima's kleverness..Clejimaness? may have been), but I think that the differences between MGSV and MGS3 CQC (spoiler avoidance here) – 3's grapples, throws and locks versus 5's fast flurries of overwhelming strikes – was another neat way of subtly highlighting the fact that (SPOILERS AHEAD…whiners)….Venom and BB are different people.

  4. Videocu Genç says:

    I cant comment to you my opinion you need to change your style some upgrade to yourself.Big boss,batman or some character you playing change your version on yourself What will you do if in this status?

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