24 thoughts on “Beware of The Knife Hands -(this is the original)

  1. RubberFistFight says:

    Turns out you don't know shit, then. He hit him on his brachial plexus, nowhere near his carotid artery. If teaching people this taught you to have a stroke, then you were doing it completely wrong.

  2. Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for sharing mate. It disturbs me when I see people doing this for fun. It works, it is VERY effective, but it can be very damaging. And the bloke you knock out might really hurt himself when he falls – striking his head etc.

  3. 808BigShorty says:

    It is a Brachial stun, the target point is the brachial plexus origin. This technique is used to disrupt the thought process to allow you an opportunity to take control of a combative opponent.

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