Better Knife Control with Webbing and Velcro

In this video I demonstrate a webbing and velcro device I developed to hold a knife handle securely against my arm for better knife control.

43 thoughts on “Better Knife Control with Webbing and Velcro

  1. David Weirauch says:

    very informative video, thanks. I broke my neck when just a teen. lost the use of my left hand, limited mobility in the shoulders . was able to work till, '05 , when my back said enough. I hike and camp when I can, but the two handed stuff still limits what I can do. don't know why, but, battoniong , is one of my pet peeves. you have given me some thing to think about, and play around, idea wise this winter. thanks

  2. Canadian Cutting Edge says:

    I was watching ReallyBigMonkey from USA and I just checked out who he subscribes to and found you. Now that is too cool.
    I am a bit better than an entry level bushcrafter but far from advanced or expert level.
    I have a handicap too, but it's chronic pain in my knees, which means I have to always find the most efficient way of doing things because I cannot do most things for an extended time. I also have arthritis in my hands and your velcro system could easily be adapted for myself. Thanks for showing it to us.
    I like your Schrade knife, I am planning to get one to review on my channel. I have mostly been reviewing folding blades but i am getting more into showing fixed blades because they are much more useful for actual use, especially in the outdoors whereas folders are more for urban EDC.
    Thanks again, eh!

  3. cicakkibin says:

    Good idea, and you can tell if it's slipping from the grip. Wow that knife is sharp, is that the bear grylls one?Anyways have a good day Muskrat Jim.
    I better stop watching, it's very addictive ūüôā

  4. Wheels gone Wild says:

    Perfect!!!!. Way to go Jim. Something so simple but pens up so many doors that others don't realize. When it comes time for me to model something for my hand this strap device will help me as well. God job. Great thinking.

  5. T.W. Milburn says:

    'mornin, Jim; Just Like Aaron Nelson said, Adapt & Overcome You did a wonderful job. Get a Patent on that Bad-Boy ! Still love the Sling-Shot Video you did awhile back ! Hoping you & yours have a wonderful day there, Friend !                        ATB  Skillet       God Bless

  6. Jeff Wilcher says:

    Hey Jim, as always a great video …Some folks can only see what they have lost … while others like yourself see,"WHAT THEY HAVE LEFT" … You are an inspiration my bro … Onward and Upward is the watchword … Until then …

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