Best Wilderness Survival Knife. Period!

This is a field test and review of the Ontario RAT 7 Survival Knife. I tend to think that the Ontario RAT 7 may be one of the top contenders for the “best wilderness …

29 thoughts on “Best Wilderness Survival Knife. Period!

  1. oldtimer4567 says:

    Truth is, whether people admit it or not, those "cheesy" blade coatings on knives are put there for one or all, of four reasons. It's put on the blade for the people who "wanna think they're a Rambo "tactical" type", it's for people who are to lazy to maintain their blades, and sometimes to keep the blade from getting surface rust while sitting on the shelf waiting to be purchased or while being shipped.

  2. Dave Huber says:

    I appreciated your thoughts on this knife. Have you kept on using it? How's it held up? How's the edge been? I have more confidence in my ESEE's, but I've got the Ontario TAK-1, with a really similar handle profile — but I haven't had much chance to use it yet. I've actually got a week's worth of fire-making in the not so distant future, & that TAK-1 will get some use. I was just hoping for more feedback to gauge the potential for disappointment. 🙂

  3. PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft says:

    love the knife design, shape etc, but OKC finish work is not on par with Esse. Just got my Rat 5 and uneven plunge line, uneven edge grind, handle is not flush with tang many spots, bad grind marks, so fyi, it's not a work of art if that bothers you. If OKC would fix those problems and make a Rat 6 it would be my favorite. Hell just give us a Rat 6 at least.

  4. paulie 4x says:

    Say Heah J J, lemme share this story, We went out for a little bush craft for a few days, We did get caught in a fast moving storm where the weather changed really fast, and it started to snow. Everybody started setting up and a friend and I started to make a fire. I'm trying to make this short. Anyhow He batoned and I held, we used my knives which I brought my G-10 handle Ranger RD-9 and my Ranger Afghan. The wood was a bit knarly, But enough to start bending my blade, He's big and strong, so I thought we ruined my knife, so I told him to continue, To both of our surprise we got tgrough, but the RD-9 straightened out. it's the 5160 carbon steel and that made a believer out of me. I still have and use that set and it's still working great. So yeah, I believe what your saying about your Fav's. I think O.K.C. makes some darn good knives which don't cost you a arm and a leg. Thanx again.

  5. Patriot Bill says:

    Good review. I think the 7" is too long for my tastes. I prefer the Esee 6 as it is about max length for my needs. I too advocate for multiple knives. I like the Esee 3 along with the Esee 6 and use it for food prep as well as finer carving tasks. I'll even carry a Mora HD with those two.

  6. Michael Reed says:

    Very Good review but it just tweaked my interest in getting the camp knife I need. This blade is so close to what I need. It is just a bit big for what the law says in Texas and it is not worth the hassle with the park rangers and such. Since you have tested a lot more knives than I have and many are about the same as what I am looking for so maybe you can help.
    What would you sugest that is Budget friendly, ($60 to $80 is fine, $100 is pushing it, and $120 might be too much), Under 5.5 inches (Texas law is a pain), Capable of utility tasks around the camp, And is still good to do minor bushcraft tasks?
    I know I said under $120 but I also spent a lot of money buying sub $60 folding knives until I finally bought a paramilitary 2. I love my para 2. It and my Manix 2 are all I carry anymore. Sometimes you just have to spend a bit more to get what you need. I learned the hard way with the folder and don't want to do the same with a fixed blade But I also don't want to wait to get my fixed blade so if there is some out there worthy of a real hard look at an affordable price, I would appreciate all the advice I can get.

  7. stribor says:

    I like the knife , you havent mentioned the lenght of the tang , which is pretty important .. I also want to know the name of the song you used in the video , thanks man 🙂 I think the knife is really optimal for any kind of survival scenario

  8. A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says:

    Regarding the finish on the blade – a few light swipes with a sanding block will reduce that rough, burlap- like finish to a smoother satin-like (almost) finish. This will not only reduce the friction when batoning or slicing, but still keeps a protective coating on the blade a while longer. Worked really well on my RTAK II.

  9. greg early says:

    Best knife is the one you have when you need it….not realistic or legal to walk around with a large knife…..super market…hey check out Rambo…come on! I have many great knives esee…bark river ect. And carry one each day.leatherman wave or Kershaw skyline. Shit happens at anytime..develop skill with a knife and really won't matter much what it is long as it cuts.

  10. paulie 4x says:

    Hello J.J., Your absolutly right a 7" blade is one of the best size blade's for the bush, it has enough lenght to handle batoning even in a emergency situation, because you don't need wood more than 4" in diameter, and the 7" is a perfect lenght and has good chopping ability, I was going to get the O.K.C. Rat 7 or the Ranger RD 7, but O.K.C. came out with some beautiful looking knives at the 2015 Show, but right now I've been using my Swamp Rat Rodent 7 I luv a choil on my knives because to me it's like two knife sizes in one, so I carry the Rodent 7 with the Rodent 4 my Wicked Tough Saw made by Wicked Tree Gear and my 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet made by 2Hawks Devin Price is a artist the way he makes his Tomahawks and Hatchets, also I added a multi tool which is my Leatherman Charge TTi, the reason I went with a saw and hatchet instead of more knives is because their faster tool's to get the job done, at my age especially in the winter the day light is shorter I needed to get tool's that did the job quicker, and so far so great.

  11. ScottsUtubeWorld says:

    Chris at PreparedMind101 always removes the coatings on knives by spraying paint remover on them.  I too prefer knives without coatings.  Still, that Rat 7 is a beautiful knife.  Cheers from So. Cal.  –Scott

  12. paulie 4x says:

    my first o.k.c was the Ranger RD 9 in the 5160 steel, orange g-10 scales, then the Ranger Afghan, same steel, then I found out the difference between a full flat grind and a saber grind, let me tell you, a saber grind spits wood much better, for me that is, so now I have a nice set of o.k.c.'s, the gen2 sp-47, sp-49, sp-51, and the sp-53, great wood processing knives, I enjoyed your video, and I might be in the market for a 7" knife, I too am a 3knife carry guy, although my favorite set right now is my Swam Rat set, Rodent Solution, Ratmandu, and the Rodent 9, great knives awesome steel, but I love my o.k.c.'s too.

  13. nflsportsman says:

    I think it would be a better idea to use the knife with your baton and beaver-chew around that knot.   It reduces any chances of causing the blade o bind within the tree, and it saves calories.   I think you would agree that that survival is indeed a numbers game of calories.

    Also, ESEE Knives came about as a result of a dissolution of Randall's association with Ontario.    I do not know the details, but Randall's team did depart from Ontario Knife Company.

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