BEST WAY to Sharpen Any Knife RAZOR SHARP!

45 thoughts on “BEST WAY to Sharpen Any Knife RAZOR SHARP!

  1. sandpiper9988 says:

    Great little sander from harbor freight. I found that if you hold the blade up higher on the belt, just above the rear support you won't get that chattering. Thanks for making the vid :O)

  2. Jay Novak says:

    awesome video Scott.  Thank you.  I read down in the comments and did not notice if you mentioned which grits you used for sharpening.  Sorry if I missed it, please advise if you see this.  Also, re: comments that this method will ruin the temper of your blade – looks pretty much exactly like the same method all the bladesmiths use on Forged In Fire tv show – and they use the belt sanders post tempering.

  3. Andrew Wilson says:

    I use a belt grinder called a Robert Sorby Pro Edge. Check it out on the net,the build quality is very high and comes with a great range of belts upto a 3000 trizac belt that mirror polishes the edge. The grinder is an artisan hand made machine that punches way above what it's compact dimensions would suggest. Possibly the best belt grinder on the market?

  4. Charles Smith says:

    I sharpened a buck foldable when i was in Japan,it went straight through a heavy duty leather glove and half way through my thumb before i got it stopped. i had a tri stone a shipyard worker left behind. i used to watch my grandpa sharpen knives.

  5. Cliff Fox says:

    A question for you Scott. Please accept my apologies if a repeat of a previous question. (1) Is it true that cutting paper will quickly dull a knife blade? That's what my Dad, God rest his soul, told me many years ago. If it is true, I wonder why it occurs so quickly. Thanks in advance Scott and thanks for a fantastic video! Definitely going to share this one on social media!

  6. Divus iulius says:

    Is there an Emery Cloth Belt that you can put on that Belt Sander? Emery Cloth will polish that blade edge. That would put an edge on that blade like a Ghatana.

  7. ROBERT BUTLER says:

    Scott can you please tell me what is the grit of your belts that you use and can you please tell me if one can purchase and wear can I purchase from 30 inch leather belts? Thank you

  8. bog Dan says:

    Please help me. I don't speak well English. Which grit is good for that ? at first he says 400 but then he talks about 80 and then 220. which one should I buy ?

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