Best USA-Made Combat Knives of 2020 Available at KnifeCenter



Now is a great time to buy American, and we’ve got some spectacular knives today.. Check out our picks for the best combat knives of 2020 made right here in …

36 thoughts on “Best USA-Made Combat Knives of 2020 Available at KnifeCenter

  1. Jeff Sherrod says:

    The Ka-Bar Turok is another outstanding option with a great sheath. It lends itself well to both combat and utility/field use. Also makes an outstanding camp knife for the civilian market.

  2. supperterofsanity says:

    On my first deployment I was given an ASEK by my counterpart doing right seat left seat. That thing was invaluable. Cut a lot of things and dug a lot of things out of the ground with it. Beat a lot of things with it and opened cans with it. The only knife I own that I will have until I die.

  3. James Carter says:

    I bought a Gerber MK2 on post at Ft. Bragg when in the 82nd Airborne division and it broke. I bought a John EK Knife an wore it hanging upside down on my LBE like my Vietnam Veteran NCO's. I used that knife all through Central America in the 80's. It never let me down. I even used it to pry off an overheated M-60 machine gun barrel. Can't do that with a K-Bar either. EK is the best combat knife ever made. The Richmond Virginia or the Effingham Illinois are good. All of these knives are inferior to the Older EK's. They are 4.70 MM thick The Richmond Va. Knives are made from Nickel chrome moly high carbon steel. The Effingham Illinois knives are made from High chromium 440C (High Caron) You can get these classic EK knives on Ebay. General Patton carried an EK Knife.

  4. Randall Kelley says:

    I was thinking Cold Steal SRK, but alas it’s made in China I think. Runs ‘bout $40. Mine is 30 years old and well used. BUT what about RANDALL MADE KNIVES. They are super expensive my Mod 14 is now over $600 on eBay. Crazy.

  5. Google Google says:

    No knife is truely a "fighting" knife unless it is a minimum of 7" long as it cannot reach all the vital points in a human body. Period. Would you carry a firearm that wouldn't reach the heart if you shot someone sideways from their left side? Also I have seen many Kabars, some Pilot Survival Knives (no Marbles, though) and a Case Bowie that all broke at the hilt while being thrown into trees in the Phillipines by SEALS. As for the Gerber Mk2, the new ones are in no way the same as the ones that went to Vietnam. Different steel, different serration pattern, different profile of the blade and in short, different knife.

  6. godandcountry720 says:

    I must say an honorable mention it’s got to be the Glock fighting nice I know it’s not American made but it is the toughest blade I have ever carried and did so through over 10 deployments and the price point is around $30-$40 U.S.

  7. J Film says:

    I've got a Ka-Bar D2 and a Gerber Strongarm, the Ka-Bar scares the crap out of people but the balance and smaller size makes it great for not attracting as much attention but you know it will do what it was intended for. The Gerber is easier to pull out of the sheath with the thumb ramps when needed from all angles, but the Ka-Bar with the hard nylon sheath really needs to be maneuvered just right maneuvered just right which in life or death situations is not so good.

  8. Blue Diamond says:

    I love my Ka bar , I used and abused my first one and it passed almost all tests ,from digging (yes digging with a knife its better than doing it with your fingers) cutting off tree branches to hand to hand battle ,only area I saw it a bit weak was when throwing it ,it has the tendency to bend where the handle starts but considering its one hit one kill you dont mind just bending it back into position and do it again ,got my second one ,clean ,sharp and ready on my bog out bag.

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