Best Urban Survival Knife – Ka-Bar BK2

This is a field test of the Ka-Bar BK 2 / Becker Campanion. This is a great little knife and can be found at for only $79.95! A nearly …

24 thoughts on “Best Urban Survival Knife – Ka-Bar BK2

  1. schlooonginator says:

    As a woods knife, not a huge fan of any 1/4" thick 5" blade. Learned that quick after ordering a Tops with similar dimensions. Just too thick to be a good cutter and thats the primary purpose of most knives. However, urban I think its much better suited. I think urban and I think of having a survival knife used for much more than cutting wood but prying doors,smashing whatever to escape such as sheet metal, dry wall, brick and such. This is where this knife and its indestructible build would be handy.
    I sold that Tops awhile ago but finally bought, what IMO is about as good a "survival" knife can get and that is the awesome ScrapYard 711. A no frills work knife with a 7.5" by 1/4" thick blade of Busse HT SR101 with their sweet Res C handle that acts insulative while giving a nice blade heavy balance . I wouldn't be surprised if this thing could be batonned through even the great Becker BK2!
    ABout the only thing I am not a huge fan of is the blade coating but that can be taken care of quickly. The steel is sweet and gets extremely sharp as I have used my Worksharp to get a more acute ,convex edge for more effective cutting.
    The SpecOps 8"sheath fits like its made for it.
    I was a bit sceptical about the Res C but its far tougher and harder than I imagined. At 1/4" thick ,the fact the handle portion is not technically full is a non issue and the handle will not get loose or slip off like other products. In fact,I think this material is the best handle material I have experianced from a pure user perspective as it resists most everything, absorbs vibrations while being insulative. Just aint pretty.
    Basic clip point design is just right for a decent penetrating tip while being plenty robust without silly swedges. Good belly and a nice flat portion for most duties.
    Oh, and this is what really impresses me, it has a dorky swuare choil that is brilliant because choking up on it for finer tasks changes the balance so its just perfect for fine tasks which would otherwise be unwieldy with so much blade.
    Sound like a fucking infomercial but I am just so impressed and pleased with it and it wasn't outrageously priced like its relatives in INFI.
    This thing is so bad ass I almost hope for a disaster.

  2. paulie 4x says:

    Say Heah J J, I didn't like my BK-2 Sheath either, nine was so tight it actually hurt my wrist and I don't think I'm a whimp and played Outside Linebacker. Anyhow I got a Small Spec Ops Sheath and it fit great, but then the BK-22 came out similar knife except it's a full flat grind but the sheath is a Nylon with a pouch Sheath so I got it and it fit's perfect, and I took my Spec Ops Sheath and it fit's my Modde Rodent 6 perfect, now That's what I'm talking about heh heh heh.

  3. AJ Usog says:

    I totally agree with the nylon section not being optimal but that the knife and kydex section of the sheath are awesome. I put the whole setup on my belt and had problems pulling the knife out as the nylon part would fold and buckle, so my brother found a way to adapt the sheath. He toom an "H" adapter from an old Alice pack, removed the nylon section from the sheath, unscrewed the back kydex section that attached to the nylon section (there are two kydex pieces screwed together the sheath and the bracket that attached to the nylon section), and then put the H adapter in between the two kydex pieces and screwed them back together. So now the sheath has stiff malice strapping that I can attach to any molle system and be able to pull the knife out quickly without "jamming" from the nylon piece's slack.

  4. sweetcostarica says:

    Nice video and many folks love the BK 2 and other super heavy-duty knives.
    For me I dislike the 1 pound weight of it and think a Mora Bushcraft Knife is better because:
    – It can do most of the same things in the video above
    – It will not pull my pants down since it weighs 3 ounces
    – Pared with a good small axe (an X7 or Wildlife hatchet) the Mora is unbeatable in the woods

  5. Fon Hollohan says:

    I can't see that chopping with a knife that is designed for chopping, means that it is dangerous thing to do. The handle is actually designed to do that. .I've seen many ppl chop with this kind of knife. Thats one of its functions. just saying..And in Canada for instance! you can't even carry that type of knife in a urban environment. But as a survival bush knife yes! 

  6. Dalton Hallett says:

    Bush Survival Knife Needs: Good chopping and splitting capabilities, sharp for carving tasks, good durability.
    Urban Survival Knife Needs: To be able to defend yourself against others and to use as a way of getting into things, personally, i would have picked more of a combat type blade for urban survival

  7. lily-liver says:

    "urban survival"… does someone want to tell me what that means? are there people living in cities who can't afford matches or ramen, and they need to carve feather sticks for heat and are gutting squirrels in an alley between apartment buildings for food?

  8. SC Rider says:

    in your opinion, how important is batoning?  I ask b/c is seldom see the Bear or other survival shows stopping to baton, make feather sticks etc.  What do you think?

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