best tactical self defense concealed carry knife options my thoughts

my thoughts on good knives and types for self defense that i carry.

20 thoughts on “best tactical self defense concealed carry knife options my thoughts

  1. Shane Higgs says:

    Good video. Thought I'd share a couple of thoughts in the event you consider an update.

    – I generally avoid folders for self defense due to the need to manipulate them under duress. When the adrenaline is high you lose dexterity. The exception in my case is I will carry a folding karambit by Fox Cutlery which has the Emerson Wave feature, so it auto-deploys in reverse grip on the draw. Otherwise I carry fixed blades for protection.

    – Size truly doesn't matter. The ones you have in the video are reasonable – but if you have good working knowledge of the circulatory and central nervous systems, a 3-4" blade is sufficient for self defense. Most of the vital targets (read: arteries) in the body are close enough to the surface a small blade can reach them, and a small blade is easy to explain as a tool vs a weapon.

    – Seek out training. Just like with any other self defense weapon, you need to practice – knives are no different. The Filipino martial arts are blade-centric, and there is at least one (Sayoc Kali) that concentrates exclusively on knife combatives. I've studied it for some time and it is practical and extremely effective.

    – Two is one, one is none. Consider carrying a backup blade. If you're in a life-or-death altercation and your knife hand gets trapped or jammed, you'll need the second one to get out of it quickly before a disarm or reversal happens. The downside to this is you may have to explain carrying two knives, but if they're different styles it will be easier (different use). Also, be mindful of laws regarding double-edged blades. Boot knives like the ones in your video are illegal in many states.

    None of that's a criticism – I liked your video. Just offering some additional thoughts.

  2. Jeffrey Cold says:

    I see people bitching about why you need to carry a knife for. I guess those are the ones who wanna bully and lay hands on others. If your not gonna put your hands on someone, then why worry about someone smaller protecting themselves for a 6foot6 290lb brute who's wanting to punk someone out and rob, rape or assault someone. Knives for everyone just like this player said.

  3. Paul'ie 4X says:

    I have two S.O.G.'s both Pentagon's (1 and 2 two different sizes in VG-10 with the Shark tooth tip). I think S.O.G. does a great temper on their knives the Cryo Tempering it makes even their AUS8 edge retention last longer like on my Seal Pup Elite so are my Pentagon's and I have a mint TomCat back then they used 440C it's a beauty and a Life Time Warrenty.

  4. troy calloway says:

    you seem like a good guy so i thought id give you my thoughts….TOPS felony stop or TOPS scorpion tail….self defense and still use knife-felony stop, self defense only-scorpion tail….in the tests ive done a Karambit style knife is a far better design for PD then a straight/dagger style….my felony stop only gets about a 1" cut on a slash of an old gel training dummy with a plain cotton T…Scorpion tail easy 3" with a slash, on a stab the felony stop and scorpion tail were actually about even (i honestly couldnt tell which went in deeper) which was crazy to me bc the felony stop has a 3" blade and the scorpion tail only about a 2"…i found that with a straight edge/dagger style knife your wrist isnt strong enough for a trust-either that or the gel stopped the blade after about 2" where as with the Scorpion tail i was able to lock my wrist and really punch it in sort of speak…Go with TOPS bc there all American made

  5. Joe Holtz says:

    Get a nice super small conceal carry gun that you can wear all the time. An XDS 45 , a. 40 S&w shield, etc and a good IWB Kydex holster. Pair it with one of your awesome knives and a very bright small flashlight. Practice practice Try to take a class or two. Stay safe and keep your loved ones safe. Thanks for the great video. I love cold steel

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