Best Tactical Flashlight. Period.

This is a review of the TerraLux TT-5 Tactical Flashlight. The TT5 is a sweet #tactical #flashlight offered by This EDC light is an all …

48 thoughts on “Best Tactical Flashlight. Period.

  1. Mark Zielke says:

    I had a terralux (not this one, forget the model, used 1 AA and had high/low/strobe, I think I paid $25-30) It was my EDC/work flashlight. I stopped carrying it after a couple weeks, I threw it away after using it (rarely) at home for a few months. It was such garbage, wouldn't turn on all the time, would switch modes or shut off while in use, just awful. Replaced with a Fenix LD 12, couldn't be happier.

  2. Paulette Rejnal says:

    If you are using this flashlight as a defensive weapon forget about it! it has an "orange peel" reflector which disperses light all over the place! If you want a good tactical flashlight used for defensive purposes, get one that has a smooth and deep reflector that will send a much more concentrated beam of light into the thug's eyes! Orange peal reflectors will give you a more wider area of light which is good if that's what you are looking for.

  3. Ben Braceletspurple says:

    Seems like an interesting in between light. Almost too heavy for a gun light, almost too small for a holster light. I'd rather (and I am not a gun person) have one light that is small and concise for my gun, and a more advanced light for my belt (I'm a flashlight guy so I do have a good holster light.) Independently compared, this light (even at the time) does not hold its own. It is weighty for a gun light , whilst having inferior performance(vastly, actually, especially in 2015/16 standards,) as a holster light. In 2013 there were enough 1000 lumen x 3-5 hours lights to feed a family of 5 for years. Still, this things max output for the batteries it can use is (especially today, but not even,) pathetically under the normal. 1000 is a basic benchmark, but for the price, 1000 is actually a little low for a belt carry light. Counterwise, it can't have much on other gunlights, not much of a thrower so not the best on rifles, but way too big for an AR or a handgun. If you absolutely can't handle another 5-10 cm for a better belt light/holster carry light, then maybe this makes sense. But for the price, especially as a fare warning to those today who got roped in by the title, this doesn't even belong on the same shelf as any modern tactical flashlight.

  4. 357Muzzleblast says:

    Even in 2013 a hundred bucks was too much. Sixty-five dollars would have been about right. As of November 2015, check out the Nitecore SRT7 as best for the money. Also, the Klarus RS20 2015, XT11/12, Olight M20/21. Ebay is a good place to buy, so, too, is Amazon. The SRT7 and the Olights have been tested to 70 feet underwater for up to an hour. The Klarus lost likely will do the same. Aim for $65-110. The RS20 is well worth the $109 being asked for it. Make sure it has the red, green and blue sidelights installed.

  5. Harry Joseph says:

    Beware of companies flooding the market with false advertisement and click-bait ads. They usually don't have the capacity to deliver on such huge volume and the item you ordered is probably going to be back-logged for weeks even months.

  6. Larry Lee says:

    oh your one of those! well we didn't have any spelling bee's in boot camp when I went and we didn't have a time out card to hold up when our pantys were in a bunch either! I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings when I told you about the 7'ps I was trying to let you know how close your 6p's made you sound like a copy cat! good luck and happy hunting

  7. Charlie Tate says:

    I don't understand the complaints. For something so small and so powerful it seems like a good deal. If you think about it in the long term $100 isn't too bad considering you'll never need another light, or batteries again. If you spend extra now you'll save in the long term. Same goes for various items such as a tent. Buy a cheap $30 tent at Walmart and see how much fun it is when the rain fly rips on it's second usage vs a Big Agnes tent that weighs one tenth the weight and will last 30 years…

  8. Dave Brown says:

    For 2 years this has been my favorite flashlight ,better then my 2 surefires . Now terralux has improved this model with 900 lumens and considerable longer battery life.It goes by the model TT5-EX and I will buy one and move the old TT5 to the car .

  9. AJ Usog says:

    This one doesnt come close to the Powertac Hero. Same size but made out of titanium and use a 26650 battery at 1050 lumens max output and variable strobe function. Powertacs are waterproof and are usually demonstrated by putting them in a fishbowl of water, but the Hero has a sliding waterproof neck that exposes the micro usb port (for charging the flashlight) as well as the regular usb port (for charging tablets, phones, and other electronics from the flashlight itself). The 26650 batteries last twice as long as the 18650.

  10. jw '46 says:

    Can it be assembled without the ring you took off at about 3.40? Much easier to carry without that. It's lower lumens, but simpler to operate, so there's a trade-off I can take, maybe.

  11. Larry Lee says:

    Your 6p's got my attention! I am new to watching your chanel as of today as a mater of fact! I was tought the 7p's in the usmc! Proper pryer planning prevents piss poor performance!

  12. seventhSabra says:

    Ummm, "Best Tactical Flashlight. Period" Huh? … emmm NO.

    No to  piss on you parade but this is nowhere near a top end tactical/weapon light, it just isn't. There are lights that I run on various systems that are smaller, lighter weight, better construction, don't have an orange peel reflector (no true tactical light does, especially with that much texture), and they have an output of 50%-90% brighter but with the same or greater burn time.

    It is cool that their in house batteries are re-branded Orbtronics (Panasonic Japanese made) and hands down the best 18650 cells you can buy.

    For comparison, the lights that I EDC (let alone dedicated tactical/weapon lights this size) are weapon mountable, much smaller/lighter, and crank out 750-1100 lm  for 2.2-2.5 hrs on a single 3600mAh 18650.

    Not a bad light, just not anywhere near a top class torch.

  13. To3XTRM says:

    LISTEN UP FLASHLIGHT GURU'S!!!I just purchased the Field & Stream (Military Grade) tactical Torch at Dick's Sporting Goods For $13.99!!! It comes with 15,0 00 lumen output and an led that will make your head spin!! Cranulated bezel that will stab you from 10 feet away with tactical strobe that will blind you for 3-4 days!! One double A battery will make this thing go for 25 days straight under water in a freezer (sometimes still works even when I take the battery out)!! As a matter of fact, this thing doesn't even need batteries!! it runs on the power of my own hand!! BEAT THAT ONE BEOTHCHES!! LET THIS GUY PROMOTE HIS FLASHLIGHT!! IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY THAN SWITCH CHANNELS!!

  14. marchlander1 says:

    It's not the best one. It doesn't have a clip. It might be good for military(not sure if always) and preppers, it doesn't do any good for civil defence, let's say firefighters(I'm one) that need free hands. If nothing else, I like to use it on my shoulder when we're looking for hoses in the dark. And as I mentioned military, that it's not always good, I meant because I am planning to sign for it and my baby will be on my shoulder. I am also small prepper(I am concerned about floods. From floods that were every ten years, now shortened the frequency of two years. I also take into concern winter. Last year the entire country was in ice"armor". Red alert on the roads, covered with ice, collapse of energy supplys…. So those are the main concerns not only for me, as some kind of fanatic, but it is taken seriously by many people and organizations, many are stocking up, as the threat is proven very real and many of us belive, that this year can be even worse.), who is saying that tactical flashlights should have ability to be hands free. Military and civil sector alike. Btw, I'm sorry for this huge text, it's not ment to offend anyone. It's just my oppinion and I'nm the kind of person that likes to write wide and long…. and usualy have to go back to find the point of it again lol.

  15. Dan Martin says:

    It looks very nice, but honestly it seems average, if not bellow the pack. For the price you can get better from the EagleTac G25C2 or the ArmyTek Predator or the Pro version. 
    Both lights I mentioned are less expensive, have higher out puts, have a greater throw, are made of the same quality materials and are as well made, and both have more modes but are still very easy to operate. The ArmyTek I mentioned is actually water proof tested at 50 meters. Those two on paper out do the TT5 in every way… not to mention the Olight M22 Warrior, Klarus xt11, or Foursevens Maelstorm mm-x. 

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