Best SHTF Rifle? – Ruger Gun Site Scout Rifle

This is a gun review video at the 2013 Shot Show. Here we look at the Ruger Gun Site Scout Rifle. This is a 308 bolt action rifle that is equipped with open sights …

21 thoughts on “Best SHTF Rifle? – Ruger Gun Site Scout Rifle

  1. ajfam871 says:

    Thanks for the reply as always. On the MVP so you think the bold latch that catches the next round from the magazine is durable. I know the 556 bolt is different then the 308 bolt. It has a protrusion from the boot. Im worried it will wear off and not work. Thanks

  2. Terry Barry says:

    We here in Australia get the 18" Stainless model without the flash hider. It has the same laminated stock as the 16" model. Got mine last October. Fantastic rifle. Trouble is, it is very hard to obtain in Oz and back orders have no ETA on when likely to be available. I have never seen one on the used gunrack at dealers.

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