Best Self Defense Knife



See how the best self defense knife easily punches holes is a steel garbage can filled with water. It’s ease of use and convenient form-factor make the Fullbird …

23 thoughts on “Best Self Defense Knife

  1. A Person ? says:

    6:28 no the next question isn’t “can you use it in reverse grip?”. The next question is: show us the blade damage… the steel used. This is tacticool to its most extreme douchary.

  2. Jonathan Dennison says:

    Any other suggestions that give that 90* angle? Kabar tdi is more of a 45* and doesnt have a system to keep the blade aligned and keep it from slipping out ir rotating. I love the design, also love the dominate finger hole, gives slightly better grip strength there. Know any similar ones that are not discontinued now?

  3. ONE %er says:

    That seems to be a good fighting knife. Remember when you start jabbing holes in some communist mother fucker trying to disarm you, i want you to remember its messy as hell. Try and puncture lungs and slice arteries , and pay no mind to the death chatter a communist bastard makes after hes been knifed correctly. Trust me , after they realize how bloody, and painful a man and a good knife can be , they would rather you keep your ar's. Knives in the right hands are much more deadly and quiter.

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