BEST SELF DEFENSE FROM ANDREY KARIMOV // SYSTEMA // [2018] (Knife, Nagaika, Sticks, Hand to Hand…)



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44 thoughts on “BEST SELF DEFENSE FROM ANDREY KARIMOV // SYSTEMA // [2018] (Knife, Nagaika, Sticks, Hand to Hand…)

  1. FBI RU says:

    Главное не попасть такому на улице в реальном бою. А то поглаживание опасно для кожи а в конце забалалаит. На край военный сапог из трусов достанет и бросит. Тем более эта хуйня может заразно заразить наверное.

  2. Artem Badassian Davtian says:

    Armchair "masters" comenting in 3, 2, 1 … Ochen molodet vi Mr Karimov !! Zanimayus i pripadayu Aikido y Ryushin Shouchi Ryu v Ispanii i panimayu eti dvizhenie v polne kak spontanneye i svabodnaye. Great job !!!!

  3. Eric3Frog says:

    Please demonstrate medium to hard contact sparring. The attackers here do not react to the teacher’s defense. This is basically one or two step drilling, not live interaction.

  4. FENIKS says:

    2 years I try every day do that moves and now can say Systema is beatiful, so fluid. Like a dance. I'm from Croatia. Will you came here one day? If you will when? Thanks. Spasibo!

  5. StOY says:

    А почему он все время этого дрыщавого парня валяет?
    Вот дальше есть на что смотреть. И очень хорошая работа на скорости.
    И я считаю, что валяние тощего парня вначале только портит впечатление. Особенно мне кажется подействует как красная тряпка на быка на тех, кто изначально скептически к русским стилям относится.
    А так – хорошо отточено

  6. alfpolo29 says:

    ahahahahahaha …… this Instructor in streetfight die in 2 second because are illusionist ,fake and ridiculous….! I like see one on this untouchable instructor in match on UFC with a moderate UFC athlete…..

  7. Ronin Strong says:

    Братишка тебя не били ни когда русские бандиты с серьезным бойцовским стажем все нападающие в ролике ждут твоих одинаковых чудодвижений как ревностные католики туфли папы римского

  8. Amour or Christopher Dresbach says:

    I have looked into quite a few types of self-defense and this is definitely one of the best. Wasted time in excess movements does not seem to be a problem with this self-defense. He often goes from a move or two right into something else with no gaps of time for opponents to overcome him.

  9. TheSADHU88 says:

    Great video loved it ! I had some issues with some guys i trained systema with, they tend to veer off into the fantasy realm of martial arts, but this looks realistic similar to what i think systema should be like!

  10. Beeblebrox One says:

    Nice fundamentals! It's that Systema philosophy of the wave/figure of eight loop seems prominent in the fundamentals here. Almost a yin yang, emptiness and fullness, yielding to fullness and fullness where empty, thing of Tai Chi, to the philosophy of how to react, from a calm relaxed adaptive moving centre. Great. Thanks for posting this to show how it can be done.

  11. Leslie Porter says:

    This is an absolutely Beautiful, Elegant, and Complete Combat System. What impressed me the most in this video is that the Instructor, while appearing to be completely Lethal, did not seem to be a Bully in the least. You have inspired and recruited me at the same time. I Salute You.

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