Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #16



Games of chance is the theme today! SPIN THAT WHEEL!! Your inbred flyover best friends from the Midwest (that you’ll never …

25 thoughts on “Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #16

  1. buzzardbeatniks says:

    My dad was very concerned about Y2K so my uncle gave him this Y2K Family Survival Guide video as a gag gift for Christmas 1999. My father was genuinely grateful and we watched it as a family on Christmas day.

  2. Kaity Han says:

    Young People Ask: How do I make real friends? was made by Jehovah's Witnesses. It exists to tell kids why they can never make friends with anyone who isn't also a JW, as they all swear and drink and do drugs. Oh, and they may dare you to walk into the middle of the freeway. Raised one and was forced to watch this over and over. Left the church when I was 15, incidentally almost every JW kid near my age was drugged out and constantly sleeping around.

  3. LunarShimmer says:

    I analyzed the girls doing rock-paper-scissors in "Manners: Who Needs 'Em?" and I have come to the conclusion that the two girls closest to the camera both land on scissors. They tie. The two girls behind them come up with paper and rock, and the girl that wins exclaims that the loser has to go first.
    I feel a little bit better now.

  4. Eli Cash says:

    51:01 Mike tries to initiate a salute with his drink, everyone ignores him and he proceeds to wave his glass about in the air as if he just enjoys waving his glass about in Milwaukee.

    Which apparently some people do.

  5. dbsommers1 says:

    I remember being taught the edged weapons thing back in the academy days. The first thing out of the instructor's mouth was, 'You're probably going to get cut no matter what. Here's what you do to protect yourself as best as you can."

  6. AJ Androo says:

    Cops in Europe would not respond to edged weapons that are not an immediate threat by discharging a firearm, if they even have one. And I'm not saying the perps don't deserve it.

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