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44 thoughts on “Best of Libre Knife Fighting (knife, empty hand, filipino martial arts)

  1. the red baron says:

    i think they combined silat with a little muay thai for the raid redemption but silat is also in southern thailand ..and since at one time the sri visayan and madjapahit empires(just to name a couple) had the malay,indo,filipino nations under on e kingdom the styles were similar until they further developed independantly whan said empires silat from the southern phillipines resembles their malay brethrin.the raid redemption was incredible!! pardon my rambling i hope it was helpfull.

  2. Adam Kadir says:

    @nunvikingsofthesea Yes it's designed to look appealing, but the exaggeration isn't by much at all and you're taught the real shit once you're in anyways.

    Plus, just because something is fancy, doesn't make it less effective. Just means you have to be better skilled to use it effectively.

  3. kenbolz says:

    one way to find out if these moves are suited for real life fighting is to fight the hardcore filipino fighters. if there are news of knife fighting here in the philippines surely there are dead people.

  4. Cruz Bryan says:

    My squad leader teaches almost identical drills, and uses pieces of them effectively in knife on knife sparring. You'll never perfectly pull off a sequence of moves used for a drill but you'll use bits and pieces. It's just to teach a person different options and ingrain them through patterns of movement that can be repeated.

  5. Elvirth24 says:

    One thing that does bug me about these demonstrations, not that they're not awesome, is that the "attacker" stops moving once the first hit lands. I'm assuming this is NOT what would happen in a real life situation?

  6. oreb7 says:

    As a police officer, I think too many people worry about the legal aspects, because they aren't well informed. The most likely scenario in which a knife defense would be used is if your life is in danger. Under those circumstances, it would be easy to justify your actions. You just have to consider whether that level of force is justified. Recently in the city where I work, a woman stabbed a would-be rapist 20 times. We didn't arrest her…it was self-defense.

  7. gsg9ff says:

    I really doubt that you would need to apply most of these techniques in a real attack.
    Soon as the attacker feels a slice (which is usually to the weapon hand/wrist) or stab to torso he will most likely process what has happened & flee, even to possibly collapse in the process.

  8. David says:

    @BushidoBudo9000 thats incorrect. FMA is first and foremost not about defense at all! FMA are offensive systems. ive been involved with FMA for 16 years. Many other forms of FMA train just like this. its nothing new. to be defensive is based on what you choose to do in a fight in that particular situation. in FMA your defense is "in" your offense!

  9. C Bean says:

    Fair enough. I suppose it is good to learn all the aspects of the blade. Regardless, your training seems to be very proficient. If i had the option of training with you, I most definitely would.

  10. C Bean says:

    This are some amazing moves. But one thing is, if this is for self defense, the training you teach is just straight up killing. In a real situation, if you and the attacker has a knife and you kill the guy, you go to jail. At least in other forms of FMA they train so you cut the guy defensivley. Not stabbing the guy in the throat 20 times.

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