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A fixed blade for EDC? Neck knives are convenient to carry, concealable, and unlike a folding knife they have no moving parts to wear out or keep clean.

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  1. Hercules Rockefeller says:

    The most useful, user friendly knife I carry is that izula in 440c with tkc scales. It’s almost perfect. A four inch blade would made it perfect. I bought a Becker 14 for the bigger blade and minutely bigger handle and I am not a fan. The secondary bevel on the blade was not the same angle so it was way off and the black coating made it impossible to fix with a wet stone. So I stripped the coating off the blade and evened it out. I still don’t like it. The blade isn’t very functional IMO.

  2. Logan TheRedOne says:

    Am i the only person with a basic aversion to having any blade pointing at my throat? These are all nice but I'd never wear them as a "neck" knife. I have a Boker rambler with a belt sheath that i 75% love. The only thing id do different is change out the steel for either D2 or some other more premium steel.

  3. Jerry Loffelbein says:

    Lot of people really love the Cold Steel Bird & Game knife as it has a pinky ring at the back so you can let go of it to free up your hands, but still keep it at the ready.

  4. Barry Baldwin says:

    Let's not forget Cold Steel's "Bird & Trout" & "Bird & Game" neck knives, each with a finger hole. The latter is slightly larger & has some molded on handle material to make it more comfortable to hold in cold conditions. While I wear the "Minimalist" drop point religiously as my EDC, I use either of the Cold Steel neck knives additionally when I hunt or fish!!! I wore the little "Bird & Game today to gut a 13" Brown Trout that I caught & cooked for lunch.

  5. nerv 102 says:

    The tops Alligator alley makes a great multi purpose neck knife! Seriously thats my edc neck knife. It works as a small knife, a gigging spear, a bottle opener, a wire stripper and wire/fence breaker, a pot lifter, a prybar, a large flathead screwdriver/scraper and even an ok can opener in a pinch. And probably more things I haven't tried.

  6. Chopper Briggs says:

    Oh man I am a bug fan and customer and you missed my favorite neck knife. Cold Steel Bird &Game. It does everything all these do and it is lighter than them all. Plus the finger loop. See yah next time

  7. Grumpy Grunt says:

    Years ago, I wasn't sure how much I would like or use a neck knife, but I'm a fixed blade guy and I figured it was worth a shot. I got 2 versions of the CRKT Minimalist and the SPEW. I liked the Minis but not the SPEW, so I gave it away. Got an Izula and a Cold Steel and love both of them, so the Minis got put into kits. Just got a QSP Neckmuk recently and I am digging it too. I don't always EDC a neck knife, but they are definitely a handy tool in many scenarios.

  8. darksi226 says:

    Nice vid. I got a buck caper knife in blaze orange. Made a simple kydex sheath and been pretty happy with that. Real smooth slicer and takes a crazy sharp edge.

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