Best Knife Self Defense Move of ALL TIME!



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30 thoughts on “Best Knife Self Defense Move of ALL TIME!

  1. ofcourse22 says:

    He is definitely right. It was funny to see, but we are not supermen. And sometimes even the most skilled can be beaten if not aware of the situation. If the situation calls for running then its better to be alive the be proud and killed.

  2. Phil Winfield says:

    Thank you, man! You know, its best to just not be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Situational awareness, and putting distance between yourself and dangerous people is probably the best defense in the first place. It is excellent that you are reinforcing common sense.

  3. bladeuser101 says:

    thats fine but i have a damaged ankle and cant run, so i would have no choice except to fight if my verbal skills failed. also you might have your women and children with you . wouldnt leave them behind would you ?

  4. REMOTEBEAR says:

    great video, and i agree with everything in it. im just wondering what if your in a group of 2 or 3 and a person is holding you up? do you just shout for everyone to run. sometimes it might be difficult to run, you may have a child or a elderly person. so i guess in that chase its best to do what they tell you right?

  5. GBlues1 says:

    This all assumes that….
    1. He/she will produce the knife so you can see it
    2. That your faster than they are
    3. They may not wish to pursue and stab you in the back as your running away

    The best defense? The best defense is don’t be places where people are prone to violence. Don’t hang out with people that are prone to violence and don’t be prone to violence yourself. You’ll find you need to worry about knives and being stabbed or cut with them a lot less.

  6. jose paolo Aranda says:

    I know this is both for the fun of it and to train others about the correct response in dangerous situations, but what if someone tries to attack a person with weak legs and can't run? Say, for the elderly or disabled? What would be the best defense for them?

    And also, would you happen to have some tips and advised for improvised weapons a typical person would have on them in times like these?

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