Best Knife Attack Against Techniques



Knowning How to Against Kinfe Attacks is very important I trying to show up the way enjoy it.

13 thoughts on “Best Knife Attack Against Techniques

  1. askthemechanic says:

    well…. you have the general idea but position, timing and flow is off. and unless you disarm the knife completely or fully control the attacker and knife he will reengage and you are getting slashed! Most of what you are showing won't work well in the street because people don't attack that way generally. You structure is weak, poor stance (Kami) looks like some Ninjutsu influence. You are straight on with the attack, you need to get off the X, come IN sooner (timing) to "disrupt " his attack before he is in full motion (too late).

    I agree with most of what Misha Askar is saying but I am not as harsh. Gambatte! Keep training and improving! Review you own video and look for weaknesses (never bend over the attacker when he is down, keep your back straight or he will pull down with him. I hope you take this as constructive criticism and good luck!

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